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Thread: Michael Phelps - Better than Ian Thorpe ?

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    Michael Phelps - Better than Ian Thorpe ?

    What do you guys think ?
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    Was thinking of starting a similar thread a week or so ago.

    In my opinion, yes. I guess the problem with swimming (and numerous other sports) is that in the end, the main test of your ability is the Olympics. If your peak doesn't coincide with the Olympics, then to an extent it's bad luck. However, I think we'll see in China Phelps is a better swimmer.

    The variety of events he's winning in pays testament to that.

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    Well, Graham Thorpe was better than Matthew Phelps, if that means anything.
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    Chinese guy comes in

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    I read in today's paper that Thorpe had allegedly returned a slightly iffy drug test before he retired. Had excess levels of male hormone is his body. Linky.

    I'm sure one or two suggestions as to how he might have got an excess of male hormone into his body spring to the minds of our cruder readers...
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    Through performance enhancing steroids?
    Or something.

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    Phelps is better than Thorpe by a fair margin imo. He's dominating every event he's in, and unlike thorpe, it isn't just 2 freestyle events, it's 5 individual events involving all strokes. Quite simply a freak, and already imo the greatest ever swimmer.
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    Phelps easily better, and he's not a complete tool too, well done to him...

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    Not yet, but he will be.
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    Definitely close to it if not better.
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    Absolutely light years apart. As Clapo said, he's breaking records in all sorts of strokes. Just a machine.
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    Seems like a much nicer guy than Ian Thorpe anyway, I've always disliked the "Thorpedo". Still, in the end I think that Phelps will be the better swimmer, but like Jack said, if his peak doesn't come at the Olympics then I think he will go down in people's estimations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    Phelps easily better, and he's not a complete tool too, well done to him...

    agreed, i reakon Phelps will get better too
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    Thorpe IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    Thorpe IMO

    Wears better jewellery, and designs it himself.
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