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Thread: Carter v Wilkinson

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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire

    Carter v Wilkinson

    In current Rugby Union, who is a better overall player, Jonny Wilkinson or Dan Carter?
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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet

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    Carter by a fair bit. Has more pace & a better eye for the gap than Jonny. I'd still take Newcastle Infirmary’s star patient to slot that pressure pen tho.

    They're the top two in the world for me tho; third is possibly a more interesting shout. If we exclude the Kiwis topping up their retirement funds in the Zurich Rest-Home (Mehrts & Spencer) it's a tight call. Michalak is up there on his day, but those days are fairly infrequent; Larkham ageing & no longer an automatic pick; Jones is steady without ever really truly convincing he's worthy to fill the Welsh 10; so it's possibly wee Ronan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire View Post
    In current Rugby Union, who is a better overall player, Jonny Wilkinson or Dan Carter?

    Not even going to bother voting. Good to have Wilkinson back, but to even ask the question is blind optimism for Wilkinson at its worst.

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    Wilkinson. He's actually playing rugby at the moment.
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    No contest tbh. Carter is a lot better then Wilkinson.

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