View Poll Results: Favourite sport?

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  • Football (Soccer)

    40 27.21%
  • Rugby Union

    22 14.97%
  • Rugby League

    13 8.84%
  • Golf

    4 2.72%
  • Snooker

    1 0.68%
  • Aussies Rules

    19 12.93%
  • Hockey

    4 2.72%
  • Ice Hockey

    1 0.68%
  • Tennis

    6 4.08%
  • Badminton

    3 2.04%
  • Boxing

    1 0.68%
  • Volleyball

    0 0%
  • Beach Volleyball

    0 0%
  • Athletics

    1 0.68%
  • Wrestling

    0 0%
  • Swimming

    0 0%
  • Darts

    1 0.68%
  • Baseball

    4 2.72%
  • American Football

    5 3.40%
  • Basketball

    8 5.44%
  • Netball

    1 0.68%
  • Handball

    1 0.68%
  • Cycling

    3 2.04%
  • Gaelic Football

    0 0%
  • Some other sport that I have stupidly omitted

    9 6.12%
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Thread: Favourite sport? (Cricket excluded)

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    Favourite sport? (Cricket excluded)

    Uh, yeah, vote, please

    EDIT - Anyway for a mod to edit and make this public? It was always my intention
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    What, no Table Tennis? In that case, I will have to say football. What with Forest being top and 5 points clear, there's not much to hate about footie at the moment
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    Basketball for me.

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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet
    Rugby League.

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    AFL for me
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    AFL, League and Football all are equal for me. Though League has waned over the last 3 years or so, became so boring (thanks in part to the Roosters :|)
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    Football. Then several hundred miles. Then golf.

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    I went for football (soccer) seeing as there wasn't a option for Fencing, I love Fencing
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    Hall of Fame Member steds's Avatar
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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet
    I love snooker. That isn't on there, either.

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend Matteh's Avatar
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    I went for Cycling. I play football a lot but there's nothing like the self satisfaction from doing a long bike ride.
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    Rugby Union for me, but Rugby League, Netball, American Football, Soccer and Aussie Rules are all sports I enjoy.
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    Football for me, athletics, cycling and tennis also carry some interest along with wrestling when the girls get it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steds
    I love snooker. That isn't on there, either.
    You need glasses, son.

    From the list, handball. Could at least have had the decency to list "winter sports", tho (for the one Northern vote).

    Opinion on the listed sports:

    Football: follow irregularly, mostly Norwegian leagues, and enough English to make snarky comments
    Rugby union: grasp enough to know Italy's crap
    Rugby league: whenever steds tells me about it
    Golf: either "not care" or sit four hours in front of the TV
    Snooker: quite a lot. Lots of coverage on Eurosport at present.
    Aussie rules: don't know owt
    Field hockey: tiny ball, got to kneel down when you hit it, can't wield it above ground...
    Ice hockey: ok when Norway play
    Tennis: occasionally, usually when broncoman runs a predictions league
    Badminton: like to play but wouldn't know a top-ten player
    Boxing: erk
    Volleyball: can watch it but the constant breaks ruin it a bit, much better than
    Beach volleyball: honestly, go buy **** instead
    Athletics: will watch (was at Euro Champs this summer) and know pretty much all the top athletes
    Wrestling: what form? Pro isn't competitive sport, Greco-Roman and free are a bit...odd...
    Swimming: can watch, reloaded furiously when a Norwegian won silver at the Euro Champs this summer, bit like athletics
    Darts: nah
    Baseball: think I'd get into it if I bothered. Don't know many apart from Bonds tho
    Yankball: fascinating as a commercial event, bit dull to watch tho
    Basketball: struggle to see the defensive skills involved
    Netball: never seen it
    Handball: much rather than basketball, anyway
    Cycling: good fun and a lot of tactics involved, fun to watch
    Gaelic: know even less than about Aussie
    Some other sport that I have stupidly omitted: lots
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    You need glasses, son.
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