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View Poll Results: Favourite sport?

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  • Football (Soccer)

    40 27.21%
  • Rugby Union

    22 14.97%
  • Rugby League

    13 8.84%
  • Golf

    4 2.72%
  • Snooker

    1 0.68%
  • Aussies Rules

    19 12.93%
  • Hockey

    4 2.72%
  • Ice Hockey

    1 0.68%
  • Tennis

    6 4.08%
  • Badminton

    3 2.04%
  • Boxing

    1 0.68%
  • Volleyball

    0 0%
  • Beach Volleyball

    0 0%
  • Athletics

    1 0.68%
  • Wrestling

    0 0%
  • Swimming

    0 0%
  • Darts

    1 0.68%
  • Baseball

    4 2.72%
  • American Football

    5 3.40%
  • Basketball

    8 5.44%
  • Netball

    1 0.68%
  • Handball

    1 0.68%
  • Cycling

    3 2.04%
  • Gaelic Football

    0 0%
  • Some other sport that I have stupidly omitted

    9 6.12%
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Thread: Favourite sport? (Cricket excluded)

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    Englishman BoyBrumby's Avatar
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    I'm a fairly specific sports fan, it just happens that my four fav sports (cricket, Association Football, Rugby Union & League) are four of the five sports that get discussed most on CW. AFL I just can't get on with; too alien from the football codes I know.

    I like boxing & athletics too, don't mind tennis, used to love Speedway as a kid but haven't been for ages & wouldn't cross the road to avoid ice hockey. Other sports are fairly dependent on British/English participation for my interest.

    Can't abide horse racing, seems to me that when you strip it of the gambling there's nowt there to enjoy unless you're overly fussed about which horse can run quicker than the others; similarly with the dogs too. Cycling seems pretty turd as a televised sport too; although one has to admire the heterosexuality of the riders. The Tour de France must smart a tad.
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    Cricket, Lovely Cricket Pratters's Avatar
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    Basketball doesn't have enough tactics, is too fast for my liking, defense isn't important, worst game ever, yadda yadda.

    Dire reactions.

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    International Vice-Captain open365's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    I think golf

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    International Vice-Captain
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    Aug 2004
    Sutton Coldfield
    Football for me, only other sport I spend any real amount of time watching other than cricket.

    I might watch tennis, golf, snooker or baseball sometimes, and various things during the olympics, but it's football by a mile really.

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    International Coach
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    Nov 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    Football: if cricket didn't exist, this would be it sports-wise. You get the emotional roller-coaster faster than cricket, but not to the same peaks
    I disagree. The last 3 minutes of the 1999 European Cup Final still brings a tear to my eye, The Ashes doesn't.
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    Request Your Custom Title Now! Samuel_Vimes's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby
    Cycling seems pretty turd as a televised sport too; although one has to admire the heterosexuality of the riders. The Tour de France must smart a tad.
    Hm. Well, they all have shaved legs...
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    International Captain Dravid's Avatar
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    New Jersey, United States
    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    Basketball: not enough tactics,

    This comment is more ridicoulus than Vimes comment about "struggle to see the defensive skills involved"

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    International Vice-Captain KennyD's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Dravid
    This comment is more ridicoulus than Vimes comment about "struggle to see the defensive skills involved"

    For a non-collision sport, team's tactical nous is very important.
    Quote Originally Posted by SupaFreak2005
    Well Simon and Xavier hit on all the females but the ladies all want Kenny :naughty:
    Quote Originally Posted by steds
    all 3 of them?

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    International Captain Buddhmaster's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Same place as the Ashes

    That's in order. Cricket comes after AFL overall.

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    World Traveller Craig's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes
    Hm. Well, they all have shaved legs...
    At least though when a rider crashes and if he can get up he doesn't roll around on the ground hoping for the commissaire (think ref or umpire) to stop the race and wait for him to get up and join them and get going again.

    One suggestion I did read was to have random distances for stage races, you never know when the 10km to go banner might go up and watching the infighting that will happen
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobidy View Post
    Bradman never had to face quicks like Sharma and Irfan Pathan. He wouldn't of lasted a ball against those 2, not to mention a spinner like Sehwag.

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    Hall of Fame Member Smudge's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    Rugby union: far too much rolling around in the mud for interest to be sustained
    That's English rugby for you.

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    State Vice-Captain Sir Redman's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    New Zealand
    Hockey for me. Great game, its so fast and skillful. Very tiring to play though.

    Football/Soccer would be next, then tennis, rugby union if the ABs are playing (not all that fussed about it otherwise. Have only watched one Air NZ Cup game and that's only because someone I know was playing in it.). I love playing table tennis and badminton, though they aren't so good as spectator sports. Anyway here's my thoughts on them all:

    Football: too much diving, harassing the ref, too defensive, too many overpaid players & too many fans and players seem to be mindless idiots. Still like the game though, have played it for about 10 years.
    Rugby union: Can be very good to watch when teams are looking to spread the ball (read: teams whose name isn't "England" ). However, this country's total obsession with rugby drives me nuts at times. When the leading story in the sports news every single day is about rugby - even if its some non-event at a training or whatever - its just too much.
    Rugby league: Strange game. Can be good at times.
    Golf: OK to play. Can't stand watching it though.
    Snooker: Meh.
    Aussie rules: Have watched the odd game. Ok I suppose. Seems to be a requirement that the refs have to look as though they've got a peg stuck up their behinds.
    Field hockey: Legend.
    Ice hockey: Bastardised version of real hockey. Takes all the skill out of it, what with being able to use both sides of the stick & the fact that a tackle consists of smashing some gorilla into a glass wall.
    Tennis: Used to be a tennis player, but was pushed too hard too early and lost interest in playing. Watch the Grand Slams, but its become a bit too formulated for mine. Love watching Federer play though. Hate Nadal.
    Badminton: Fun to play, really fast.
    Boxing: Primitive.
    Volleyball: Boring as hell. Must have played it 500 times in PE back in high school when it was raining.
    Beach volleyball: See volleyball. Though without the playing bit.
    Athletics: Watch some events in the Olympics etc, but that's about it.
    Wrestling: Don't care
    Swimming: See athletics
    Darts: Not interested.
    Baseball: Probably would have got into it if I was American, but I'm not, and I think its ****. Bastardised version of cricket.
    Yankball: Hate it. Garbage, especially with the crass commerciallism. Also all the players seem to be the biggest show-offs on the planet.
    Basketball: Boring as hell to watch. Players probably manage to surpass American Football players in the show-off stakes. Hate it in general
    Netball: Don't mind watching the Aus-NZ games, and it's a lot faster and more skillful than some people would have you believe.
    Handball: Never bothered watching it. Strange game though.
    Cycling: Quite like going for a bike, but I can't really watch road cycling. Quite like the track stuff though, especially if Sarah Ulmer's involved.
    Gaelic football: Barely seen it
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    RTDAS pasag's Avatar
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    Was waiting for someone to bold them

    Football: Meh, don't hate it. Rather indifferent tbh.
    Rugby union: Never really watched it, little coverage in Melbourne
    Rugby league: What's the difference with the above? (Don't answer, I don't really care)
    Golf: Boring. Ok to play, much rather contact sports though
    Snooker: Fun to play, watched some great clips on youtube
    Aussie rules: Best sport ever. Has everything going for it. It is exciting, fast paced, the spectacular marks, the 150 years of history. Nothing beats the tackling, handballing, kicking, bouncing and hip'n'shoulders that make this the best sport ever. Best thing this country has ever done by a mile.
    Field hockey: Watch it during the Olympics, maybe.
    Ice hockey: Love it but barely ever watch it and know nothing much about it.
    Tennis: Only really watch the Australian Open, I like the characters above the sport itself and it does get quite boring if the two players and unevenly matched or have crappy skills.
    Badminton: Rubbish. Should be against the law.
    Boxing: You would think we've progressed a little further than getting in the ring and beating ourselves. Obviously not.
    Volleyball: Would never watch it, but is one of the most fun games to play. Used to play with mates all the time, loved it.
    Beach volleyball: Don't like finding sand in my hair 4 months after playing, is loads of fun to play though. Would watch the final at the olympics.
    Athletics: Meh, maybe if the Aussies were any good.
    Wrestling: Haha, you kidding?
    Swimming: Love watching Australia win. In the olympics I usually go psycho and get massive stomach cramps. Very exciting.
    Darts: Never seen it. Fun to play.
    Baseball: Love watching it and playing it.
    American Football: Is OK to watch, too many stops and starts though. Although it is one of the funnest games to play. Have the best times when playing a match.
    Basketball: Hate it as previously stated.
    Netball: Meh
    Handball: Meh.
    Cycling: Doesn't get much more boring than this. Sorry Craig.
    Gaelic football: Meh
    Rest In Peace Craigos

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    International Captain luffy's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Football: Starting to get into it at the moment
    Rugby union: Hate it
    Rugby league: Favourite Sport at the moment
    Golf: Like to play don't mind watching
    Snooker: YAWN
    Aussie rules: Average
    Field hockey: Great Game, favourite sport to play
    Ice hockey: Awesome
    Tennis: Play occasionaly(4th ranked in school of 1100) don't mind watching sometimes
    Boxing: Boring
    Volleyball: See Boxing
    Beach volleyball: Like the women but nothing else about it
    Athletics: Watch occasionaly
    Wrestling: Love it never get a chance to watch it though
    Swimming: See athletics
    Darts: Not interested.
    Baseball: Boring
    Yankball: Boring
    Basketball: Like playing
    Netball: Hate It
    Handball: Never bothered watching it.
    Cycling:Like riding don't like races and that
    Gaelic football: Never Seen It

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    International Regular 16 tins of Spam's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
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    Quote Originally Posted by steds
    Pffft. F1 isn't a sport.

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