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Thread: Test Rugby Stats...... Where the heck are they??

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    Test Rugby Stats...... Where the heck are they??

    I've searched everywhere online for comprehensive Test Rugby statistics. Where are they??

    I appreciate that there won't be really detailed stats like cricket, but all I've found is a few basic stats such as top tryscorers, top pointscorers and most test caps.

    I'd like to see maybe the 30 top try scorers, tests per try stats and Top try per position. I remember either planetrugby or having some good stats a while ago but they seem to have disappeared.


    Whilst on the subject.......Test rugby league stats would be appreciated too

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    oh gosh. zinzan, keep searching. gotta be out there somewhere, ffs...
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    For matches involving the All Blacks, go to Rugby Museum. does have some international stats, but pretty much results of games. Planet Rugby removed its stats due to database costs or some rubbish excuse like that.

    There's another one set up by some Kiwi guy - it's called Pick And Go - but I'm not sure of the exact URL. However, that's pretty much just match results too.

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