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Thread: Winner of T&N Trophy Challenge II

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    Icon7 Winner of T&N Trophy Challenge II

    With the completion of the final ODI of the T&N Trophy Challenge II we have found a winner!

    The winner is Tom Fowles (Team Name: somerset rule ||) with 1099 points. Congratulations Tim!

    The runner ups were Nitesh Sinkar in 2nd place (Team Name: Eleven After 14) with 1084 points and Joe Perry (Team Name: KUN LOVE) in 3rd place with 1033 points.

    To check the final standings and find out where you finished visit this webpage -

    Details of T&N Trophy Challenge III will be emailed out within the next 1/2 days.

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    Well done, gentlemen....I hope I win this one.
    We miss you, Fardin. :(. RIP.
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