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Thread: Important Point: Transfers

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    Important Point: Transfers

    Just speaking to Sam' in the other thread reminded me to remind you of this point (confused )

    Just a note that all times are Server times, therefore those of you who signed up on the first day who can make a change on the 27th Dec - Note that you might be on the 27th Dec before the server time catches up with you and flicks over to the 27th.

    Hopfully in the next day we will get you a clock/date on the Fantasy Cricket section so you can all see what the time is in Server land (James can confirm this, but I think it's in the USA/Can' time zone)

    Just before I get a mass of e-mails saying you can't modify your side on the date it said.

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    Server times are now shown on the Main Menu and the Modify Team pages

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    Only 8 and a half hours left to get your Fanatsy Cricket teams in

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