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Thread: Australian Big Bash

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    Australian Big Bash

    Well, hi mr.james
    I love this fantasy cricket game,i recently started playin this game in nokia champions league and from tat day onwards i've became a fan of cricket web n i play all d series n i'm in love with fantasy game.As i am a serious cricket watcher i watch all d series around d globe n i like t20's very much. So plz i request u to add australian big bash tournament in your fantasy game competition which kicks off from dec 16. I'l b very much thankful to u if u do so. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzu View Post
    i am a serious cricket watches i watch all d series around d globe n i like t20's very much

    Seriously though I agree; it'd be a good idea. Happy to help with the setup if you like.
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    Yes, we are in fact hoping to do a FC series for the Big Bash this year

    Marc is working on player rankings, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind some help Rob if your interested?

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    Australian big bash

    Thank you very much james . I hope it'l b a interesting competition

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