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Thread: Suggestions thread

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    Suggestions thread

    First of all i would like to thank Cricketweb for this fantastic game. I am having a lot of fun competing against others although this long tournament is really taking its toll.
    I cant seem to see a suggestions thread anywhere but thought it would be a good idea to get a few ideas together possibly for amendments for future tournaments.

    Couple of things i personally would like to see are -

    Points for a bowler taking a hat trick? Quite surprised there isnt any incentive for acheiving this feat? A few hat tricks have been taken in this tournament but the bowler doesnt get any extra points?

    Maybe a point for an appearance/getting picked? There have been instances where players have been picked but not had a chance to contribute. It may go as a wasted pick but if i knew the player was guarenteed to get at least a point for being picked it would make me feel a little better

    Deducting points for dropped catches? Players dropping should be penalised i think?

    Players recieving MOM maybe should get a bonus too?

    Just a couple of things that have come to me at the top of my head. Im sure others have differenty ideas. Im sure James will consider them if it is possible to change?
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    Good to hear you're enjoying it and thanks for your feedback

    To answer your questions:

    Hat-tricks - we feel this is covered off by the wicket-bag bonus. As we base our points off a scorecard without looking into the exact details, it would also lend itself towards us missing hat-tricks when points are being updated.

    Missing players - 1 point? Would that really make that much of a difference do you think?

    Dropped catches - the same reason as the hat-tricks.

    MOM - we've discussed this quite a lot actually on whether to include this or not. The reason we haven't to date is that the player who gets MOM is generally the player who's taken the most wickets or scored the most runs so they're picking up more points than any other player anyway.

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    Just curious to know what the next multi team tournament will be after the IPL (i.e. more than 3 teams involved)


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    No idea actually, don't think there's one for quite some time. Probably the Domestic Champions League would be the next one I would think.

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