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Thread: Indian Players for T20s are highly Overrated.

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    Indian Players for T20s are highly Overrated.

    Dear James.

    I just checked India vs Sri Lanka T20 competition, I was really surprised to see (Ishant Sharma - A), wow

    How can he rated A? I mean what is the criteria? If you see his T20 stats he has one of the worst Economy and Average in T20s. Some others players are also overrated in CW Fantasy.

    They can be rated as high as possible in IPL because its their tournament but international cricket is very different to IPL. So I think it will be better to rate them according to their performance in T20s rather than assigning them IPL's rating.

    I hope you will keep in mind when assigning player rating to players next time around.

    Here is how I think they should be rated.

    Player Name ------------|CW|--------IPL----------|T20|
    Virender Sehwag---------| A |--------I A |--------I A |
    Yuvraj Singh---------------| A |--------I A |--------I A |
    MS Dhoni------------------| A |--------I A |--------I B |
    Gautam Gambhir---------| A |--------I A |--------I C |
    Suresh Raina-------------| B |--------I B |--------I C |
    Rohit Sharma-------------| B |--------I B |--------I C |
    Yusuf Pathan-------------| B |--------I B |--------I C |
    Sreesanth---------------- | B |--------I B |--------I D |
    Ishant Sharma-----------| A |---------I A |--------I D |
    Ashish Nehra------------| C ||--------I C |--------I D |
    Dinesh Karthik-----------| C |--------I C |--------I D |
    Pragyan Ojha------------| C |--------I C |--------I E |
    Sudeep Tyagi----------- | D |--------I D |--------I E |

    Ajantha Mendis should not be "A" either.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, always appreciated.

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