1. The Competition will be split into 2 stages, Phase A encompassing the Group Games, and Phase B encompassing the Super Sixes, Semi Finals and Final

2. For the Group stages, every manager must select a squad of 18 players, subject to the following restrictions:
a) A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 players from each participating nation.
b) The squad must be made up as follows - 3 x Openers, 4 x Batsmen, 2 x Wicket-Keepers, 3 x All Rounders, 2 x Spinners, 4 x Pace Bowlers.
c) A Captain and Vice-Captain are selected.

3. Points will be gained as follows:
a) BATTING - points will be based on runs scored, with bonuses for boundaries scored. The total will be then be multiplied by a factoring figure that is based on overall strike rate throughout the Phase.
b) BOWLING - points will be awarded for wickets taken and maidens bowled. The total will be then be multiplied by a factoring figure that is based on overall economy rate throughout the Phase.
c) FIELDING - points will be awarded for catches and stumpings taken, and for involvement in run-outs (as per cricketweb staff judges). For wicket-keepers, points will be deducted for byes conceded.

4. The captain will have his points doubled for the Tournament and the vice-captain will have his points multiplied by 150% for the Tournament. These are retained for the whole Tournament, so if they're knocked out in the Groups, then that is bad luck, so choose them wisely!

5. Entries for Phase A must be submitted by Midnight GMT on February 18th.

6. After Phase A, Managers may make up to 12 transfers. This means at least 4 players, in addition to the captain and vice-captain, are retained. The squad for the Phase B is still 18 players in the same composition, but a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players from each remaining nation must be selected. These Transfers must be made by Midnight GMT on March 9th.

7. Transfers must be made by resubmitting a legal team using the initial submission form.

8. Only one entry per person is allowed - once the initial team has been selected, or the transfers made, they can only be changed by emailing the Fantasy Cricket Committee within 24 hours of selecting the squad (subject to the deadlines above)

9. To select players, you need to ensure the Player code is correct, as that is what will be used by the program to sort squads.

10. There will be 3 separate competitions - one for Phase A, one for PhaseB, and the overall title. In the unlikely event of 2 managers getting the same number of points, the title will be shared.

11. The decision of the Fantasy Cricket committee will be final and no discussion will be entered into.

12. Any queries email the Fantasy Cricket Committee, and one of the Fantasy Cricket committee will answer it as soon as possible.

13. In the event of a selected player being injured, the official replacement named by his country will be placed into any team containg the injured player.

14. Good Luck!