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Thread: Will injured Watson be a Free Replacement in the Fantasy League?

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    Will injured Watson be a Free Replacement in the Fantasy League?

    Hi all

    I had shane Watson in my team since the start of the competition. He got injured last game and is said that his injury will put him out of action at least till the semis.

    In terms of the League, I wanted to replace him as he is injured. But will this be a free modification or will i be deducted one modification? It does say if someone is injured it will be a free mod.

    But Nothing has been posted by crickeweb officials as to where people stand if they were to replace Watson in terms of modifications.

    Please can someone from the website clarify this.


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    You only get a free transfer if a player is ruled out of the tournament and sent home.

    Watson still stands a chance of playing in the semi-finals and is being kept with the squad.

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    Watson and free Modification

    I feel this should be a free modification. Is there no way this issue can be escalated higher up within cricketweb. I am passionate about this game.

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    How much higher than CW owner do you want to go?!

    If the player is not injured enough to be taken out of the game, then a modification shouldn't be free - that rule's been in place since the thing started IIRC.
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    Watson will be back.

    And when he is, he'll dominate for you.

    Then you'll thank James for not letting you swap him.
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