Hi Fantasy Cricket Managers

Just to update you all on the launch of our new software last night, a number of issues were raised in the Official Forums after the release.

The Fantasy Cricket team have discussed this over the past 24 hours and a couple of changes have been made as a result.

1) Firstly the main issue of concerned was around the points scoring system, with the feeling that the 1-point per run was too generous and weighed heavily in favour of the batsman in the game. As a result of this we have decided it is in the best interest of the game to revert back to our old scoring method of 1 point per every 5 runs.

Please Note: This is the only change to the scoring system; no other aspects within the scoring section have been modified.

Donít forget that you have unlimited modifications up until the start of the competition if you wish to modify your team as a result of this update.

2) J.Kallis being classed as a Batsman, this will be rectified at the end of the competition; this is due to the fact that the database is currently in use and would cause a large knock on issue.

3) Issue with the logging in and being transferred to the wrong account, this is an internal issue caused by a crossover between databases when a staff member was logged into both Fantasy Cricket and another piece of internal Cricket Web software.

This is not an issue that will affect anyone and the issue has been completely resolved, there will be no more crossovers so rest assured your account is completely private.

We hope that the changes will improve your game play and we again thank you for all of your feedback on our latest release if you have comments on the above please Contact Us or post in the Official Forums