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Thread: *Official* Quarterfinal Four: France vs Iceland

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    *Official* Quarterfinal Four: France vs Iceland

    France vs Iceland
    Stade de France, Paris Saint-Denis
    Sunday 3 July, kick off 21.00 CET

    France: 14 Euro appearances (1930-), champions 1984, 2000, World Cup winners 1998
    Iceland: 1st major tournament appearance, 2nd place at Nordic Tournament 2001
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    It's interesting looking around the Net and listening to the radio how England fans still bring everything about the Euros back to England. Some wanting Iceland to win because it means England don't look as bad and others wanting France to hammer them so England realise how bad we are. If anyone I'm watching the Wales v Belgium match with says that this should have been England if Roy had got it right against Slovakia I will have no option but to shoot them. Surely just enjoy the tournament without needing any reinforcing or otherwise of how bad England are or what might have been (not that we'd have beaten Northern Ireland .............. oops.....................)

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    The French should win, but if Iceland play that well again they are a chance against anyone.

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    I suppose thats why Harry Kane thought taking corners was acceptable.
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    That really, really sucked. France are sublime though.

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    Iceland look flat and have been punished. Over as a contest.

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    France have been threatening to do this all tournament to someone.

    Shame it's not England on the receiving end.

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    France playing so well..Iceland look tired.
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