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Thread: Euro Cup 2012 Is Underway

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    Thought it was just a thread in 08...can't see anything in the list of archived forums but I am a bit special
    Quote Originally Posted by DingDong View Post
    gimh has now surpassed richard as the greatest cw member ever imo

    RIP Craigos. A true CW legend. You will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMH View Post
    Thought it was just a thread in 08...can't see anything in the list of archived forums but I am a bit special
    Yeah, I imagined it. Had a look yesterday. Although we did get one for 2004 it seems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcuss View Post
    Last exam is June 8th
    Lucky git.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flem274* View Post
    This English top three are cornflakes. They're not the most exciting thing out but they're pretty effective. Then the middle order are the sugar. Would be too much on their own but added to the cornflakes they add some much needed interest

    When KP returns he will be the banana..

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