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Thread: The Holy Hand Grenades

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    I had a pretty poor game as well. Perhaps the longer format will be more of my thing.
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    How did you do in the OD warmups? I've gone for more than 6rpo in both 50-over games I've played so far, and this one was especially terrible.

    We both had a pretty torrid time though, so maybe it's just a blip on the radar.

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    I marked myself down as 'normal', so I might not be brilliant either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spark View Post
    I marked myself down as 'normal', so I might not be brilliant either.
    clearly delusional
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    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    1. Morris
    2. Ames (4,5)
    3. Howe*
    4. Monk
    5. Mork+
    6. De Prag
    7. Spark (6)
    8. Somerset (3)
    9. Martyn (2)
    10. Hunt (1)
    11. Sriram (5,4)

    Himannv to miss out on the Badgers' fast track. Ingram to miss out from the batsmen because Morris' defensive batsmanship is likelier to work against the aggressive Badgers opening pair. And because he's ****.

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    Sounds good!

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    Positives from the first proper cricket match


    Sriram took 6. And the bowling recovery from 177/0 was ok.
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    Awesome bowling Srizza

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    Ta. Happy that I don't seem to be turd at proper cricket, but I wish we'd performed better as a unit.

    As an aside, I take no responsibility for my pair and especially not for dancing down the track first ball when we were facing a follow-on. Didn't expect the "Batting - Martin, Mentality - Bradman" thing to actually fit so well.

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