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Thread: Official CWCA Season One Squads

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    Official CWCA Season One Squads

    Team Johnners
    S Delev (c)
    A Sharma (vc)
    O du Toit
    M Deen
    D Jellett
    L Townsend
    D Garson

    Team Huricane
    JD Hurricane (c)
    DB Wayne (vc)
    HT Davis
    A Turb
    C Lewis
    H Beaver

    Team Howe
    J Howe (c)
    P Spark (vc)
    G Sriram
    H Mork
    E Ames
    GIMH Martyn

    G Flower
    M Slater
    S Fleming (c)
    M Waugh (vc)
    M Goodwin
    C Hooper
    A Hollioake
    R Jacobs
    A Kumble
    H Streak
    G McGrath

    U Chand (c)
    K Braithwaite
    W Bosisto (vc)
    B Azam
    C Bancroft
    Q de Kock
    C Bowes
    R Vishwakarma
    L Madushanka
    R Topley
    H Singh

    B Taylor
    H Gibbs
    B Hodge
    M Samuels
    S Ervine
    A Flintoff (c)
    T Taibu (vc)
    N ul-Hasan
    GB Hogg
    D Nannes
    C Langeveldt
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