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Thread: CricketWeb Cup - Season 1 Fixtures

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    CricketWeb Cup - Season 1 Fixtures

    CricketWeb Cup T20

    Team Howe
    Honey Badgers
    Legends XI

    R1: Team Howe vs Honey Badgers
    R2: Honey Badgers vs Legends XI
    R3: Team Howe vs Legends XI
    R4: Honey Badgers vs Team Howe
    R5: Legends XI vs Honey Badgers
    R6: Legends XI vs Team Howe

    FATB C.C.
    Futures XI
    Wanderers XI

    R1: Futures XI vs FATB C.C.
    R2: Wanderers XI vs Futures XI
    R3: Wanderers XI vs FATB C.C.
    R4: FATB C.C. vs Futures XI
    R5: Futures XI vs Wanderers XI
    R6: FATB C.C. vs Wanderers XI

    Semi-Final 1
    1st GROUP A vs 2nd GROUP B
    Semi-Final 2
    1st GROUP B vs 2nd GROUP A

    Winner SF1 vs WINNER SF2
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