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Thread: CWC Pre-Season: OD Round Robin

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    Good work boys. Good effort all around. Furball and I batting well together, who would've thought...

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    12 from 30 balls near the end and didn't even bowl.

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    Lineups for today's match, Game 2 of the Round Robin, with Trial XI B hosting Trial XI C.

    CWC Trial XI B
    1. G Furball
    2. I Narang
    3. G Shriram
    4. A Turb
    5. H Mork (wk)
    6. M Deen
    7. C Lewis (c)
    8. Dazhino
    9. S Delev
    10. A Sharma
    11. M Morkel

    CWC Trial XI C
    1. O du Toit
    2. P Ingram
    3. A Monk
    4. JB De Prag
    5. Z Dunlop
    6. J Howe (wk)
    7. S Zadran
    8. T Loganathan
    9. R Yamadera
    10. H Beaver
    11. M Hunt
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    harry beaver is up for a big one
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    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    So Lewis opening and Furball at 3 worked - wasn't expecting that result from them.

    Going spin-heavy not the best idea though, should have played both Morne Morkel and Atul Sharma, in hindsight.

    29 (26), 4 dismissals and a win - reason alone for electing me as a captain/VC

    EDIT: Any reason why Dazhino and Furball didn't get a bowl, even though Narang was expensive?
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    Not really needed on CW
    Tight game first up

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    .3 top order wickets... Come at me boys

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    C'mon Hunt!

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    OD Trial Match 2
    CWC Trial XI B vs CWC Trial XI C

    The second match of the OD round-robin saw first game winners Trial XI B hosting debutants Trial XI C.

    The C's won the toss and elected to bowl first under cloudy skies, with Hunt looking sharp early and Zadran extracting massive swing in the conditions. Yamadera also got the ball moving and zipping about, with all 3 of the front-line seamers troubling the B top order. Only Narang fought against the tide, with a stubborn 34, before he was brilliantly run out from a Dunlop direct hit. Mork got settled, but the bamboozling Harry Beaver robbed him of partners, decimating the B's middle order with a clever spell which saw him grab 3 scalps. With the side in trouble at 6/77, Mork and Dazinho could afford few risks, with both putting together patient but efficient innings under the circumstances. Mork top scored with an unbeaten 63, but the B's score of 6/171 looked meagre with the sky beginning to clear.

    Expressman Morne Morkel got his side off to a good start, troubling both the openers before knocking over Ingram. Du Toit and Monk put together a smart partnership, rotating the strike and at times protecting one another with the ball still moving about. Neither managed to go on with their start, however it mattered little in such a small chase - de Prag and Dunlop comfortably finishing the job with time to spare. Morkel, Delev and Narang each grabbed one wicket apiece, with Lewis unlucky throughout, but the bowlers were always going to struggle after the batsmen let them down.

    MOTM: H Beaver

    CWC Trial XI B versus CWC Trial XI C
    CWC Trial XI C won the toss and elected to BOWL
    CWC Trial XI B
    G Furball                    lbw      b S Zadran          	8 (13)
    I Narang                       run out                	34 (77)
    G Shriram                             b S Zadran          	0 (4)
    A Turb            c P Ingram          b H Beaver          	25 (40)
    H Mork                         not out                	63 (90)
    M Deen                                b H Beaver          	0 (3)
    C Lewis           c J Howe            b H Beaver          	0 (2)
    Dazinho                        not out                	36 (71)
    Extras		( nb2 b1 lb2 )		5
    Total (from 50 overs)	171 - 6
    Fall of wickets:
    1-13  2-13  3-66  4-77  5-77  6-77  
    Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI C
                      O	M	R	W
    M Hunt            10	3	30	0	
    S Zadran          10	4	24	2	
    R Yamadera        10	2	27	0	
    H Beaver          10	1	38	3	
    T Loganathan      10	2	49	0	
    CWC Trial XI C
    O du Toit         c A Turb            b I Narang          	48 (71)
    P Ingram          c S Delev           b M Morkel          	17 (21)
    A Monk            c H Mork            b S Delev           	44 (50)
    JB de Prag                     not out                	33 (46)
    Z Dunlop                       not out                	24 (39)
    Extras		( w4 nb1 lb1 )		6
    Total (from 38 overs)	172 - 3
    Fall of wickets:
    1-47  2-96  3-135  
    Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI B
                      O	M	R	W
    A Sharma          7	1	45	0	
    M Morkel          5	0	25	1	
    S Delev           7	1	34	1	
    M Deen            8	1	41	0	
    C Lewis           7	1	18	0	
    I Narang          3	1	8	1	
    CWC Trial XI C won by 7 wickets
    Man of the match is H Beaver

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    taste it lewis

    nominate no captain

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    Too easy.

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    Woeful batting effort left us with no chance.
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    Wow I was dire

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    Solid work out there, boys.

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