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Thread: Indian Premier League

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    Indian Premier League

    The IPL has contacted the CWBCC and asked us to make players available for the inaugural season. As such we are posting an ad for all who are willing to put their names into the auction.

    Bangalore Royal Challengers - Venkatesh Prasad = Dan R.
    Chennai Super Kings - Kepler Wessels = Simon
    Delhi Daredevils - Greg Shipperd = Kev
    Hyderabad - Robin Singh = Jamee
    Kolkata Knight Riders - John Buchanan = G Sriram
    Mohali - Tom Moody = Trav
    Rajasthan Royals - Shane Warne = Dan S.
    Mumbai Indians - Sachin Tendulkar = Mat

    Just state your name here. More information as we get it.

    Third Auction Round
    KJ Gough
    AJ Crampton
    HT Davis
    EAP McNamara
    A Sharma
    M Reddlapalli
    DP Smith
    JR Gray
    PE Young
    NG Scott
    LA Camps
    XPA Rose

    Fourth Auction Round
    MT Mitchell
    S Young
    DA Kearsley
    KR Clapham
    G Sriram
    MW DeSilva
    CR Dwyer
    RG Dunn
    GM Thomas
    AJ Garven
    DY Dubb-Lynch
    T Bochat

    Fifth Auction Round
    KS Wright
    MW Wilson
    BC Donald
    SV Raghav
    H Mørk
    AP Chaulk
    NL Patrick
    M Shah
    PRR Sajith
    SE Fuller
    DK Rai
    M Corrin
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    Great idea.

    How would putting our names forward impact possible County contracts?
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    Counties will negotiate contracts with CW players based on their availability. The IPL will, at most, clash with the start of the County season. Our deal with the ECB allows CW players to participate in both, even if they are English-born.

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    still scratching around in the same old hole

    KJ Gough

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    AJ Crampton selling his soul.

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    HT Davis has no qualms about accepting the dirty BCCI cash. In fact, he's positively in favour of it. As long as Heath doesn't end up playing in a 'dry' state, that is.
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    EAP McNamara

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    A Sharma

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    Haha, why not. If Ashwell Prince can get picked up, surely I can.
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    JR Gray. Because everybody needs an opening batsman/keeper with one decent season!
    Or something.

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    NG Scott is needing the cash.

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    With 1 more name we'll have a list of 12. Those 12 will be entered into the next draft round (along with various other players around the world) and that draft will be run in the coming days. The following 12 players will be in the next round, etc etc.

    For those interested in knowing what kind of players they'll be in involved with. The IPL squads at the moment.

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    Unlikely I'd get a contract in Australia or England.
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