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Thread: *Pura/ING Cup* in Australia

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    *Pura/ING Cup* in Australia

    Pura Cup Cricket

    A/ NSW looking for an opening batsman.
    8 FC matches, 10 List-A matches

    B/ WA looking for a spin bowler.
    8 FC matches, 10 List-A matches

    C/ QLD looking for a specialist batsman.
    8 FC matches, 10 List-A matches

    D/ VIC looking for a wicketkeeper and a fast bowler.
    8 FC matches, 10 List-A matches

    E/ SA have open applications.
    8 FC matches, 10 List-A matches

    F/ TAS looking for a fast bowler.
    8 FC matches, 10 List-A matches

    Player name:
    Contract of interest (A, B, C, D):
    Expectations: (list what you desire to work on in your club stint. eg if you're a batsman who wants to work on some bowling, list it; if you're an allrounder who wishes to bat exclusively, list it)

    Note that applications will be reviewed but may not be accepted due to the high standard of Australian domestic cricket.
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    Player name: Samuel Vimes
    Email: haakon dot moerk at nordprosjekt dot no
    Contract of interest: D
    Expectations: I'd like to work on my batting in one-day games, but given that the team probably won't need a batsman of my calibre (non-existent in one-dayers), it's probably best to bat at eight or nine and just hope. Instead, I'd wish to establish myself as a near-Test quality opening batsman and wicketkeeper by performances at number two in the Pura Cup.

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    Mister Wright
    Contract: F
    Expectations: To open the bowling in both forms.

    If contract F is not accepted, I'd also like to make an application for contract E.
    Cricketweb Colts Captain

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    Edinburgh (although I'm a New Zealander)
    Player name: Daniel Towns / Loony BoB (depending on the naming we're using)
    Email: You know it.
    Contract of interest: A
    Expectations: Looking to establish myself as an opener who can score big, as currently I seem to have a habit of getting out after passing 50/60 runs. On a lesser note, I wouldn't mind getting my first FC wicket, too, so the odd spell of bowling would be nice, although I'm not looking to make a name for myself as anything more than a very part-time bowler in that regard (ie, use me about as often as NZ use Craig McMillan or Nathan Astle!).
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    Upstate SC
    Name: Sudeep
    Contract of Interest: B
    Expectations: Might be an interesting challenge to bowl spin on the WACA wicket. Having played only my first season in CW XI Dev League, I need more experience. Also want to improve my batting a bit, batting at #5 or 6. However, I'd like to take the spot as the primary spinner.
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    Midlands, UK
    A/ NSW looking for an opening batsman.
    8 FC matches, 10 List-A matches

    Player name: Pete Young
    Email: py _ 1985 at hotmail dot com
    Contract of interest (A, B, C, D): A
    Expectations: Get some practice and play cricket EDIT: of all forms.
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    Player name: Steds
    Contract Of Interest: B
    Expectations: Well, I just looooooooove to bowl, so I want to do as much as possible.
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    Name: Master Blaster/Sangrah Bhatia (depends on the name you are using)


    Contract of Interest: D (Playing for the mighty Vics!)

    Expectations: As a fast bowler, I feel that playing for the Victoria Bushrangers can really enhance my skills, and possibly allow me a chance once again to play for the CW XI. I'd like to be a primary bowling all rounder, much like my role with the CW Black and CW XI as of late. Either opening the bowling or coming in first or second change doesn't worry me. I'd like to think that I can bowl in any given situation and also bat where the team requires me to bat. So primarily I'd like to be a bowling all rounder.

    Victoria has always been my home ever since moving to Melbourne 14 years ago and I have played all my junior cricket on the parks of Victoria. It will be a fantastic experience to come back home and play in the toughest domestic league in the world and that too for a professional Victorian side.
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    Here, There, Everywhere.
    Name: N.S Hoy
    Contract: E
    Expectations: Would like to work on my all around FC game as well as my bowling in the shorter one day games. Playing in Australia would provide a great challenge, as well as giving me the best chance to improve as a cricketer.

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    Cricketer Of The Year bugssy's Avatar
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    Sydney NSW
    Name: R J Malone aka bugs
    Contract: a
    Expectations: a handy opening batsmen that would love to play for the state i grew up in. have a bit to offer with a handy average in the batting and can also roll the arm over when needed on occasions.
    Career cricket
    311 wickets @16.54 and 3021 runs @ 34.56 from 176 games over 11 years H.S 178*
    Member of the CW Green
    Cricket Web Career:(end of season 11) FC: 7404 runs @ 30.85 H.S 253* : One Day: 7331 runs @ 48.55 H.S 155*
    Off season: FC 1209 @ 52.51 & One Day: 921 @ 92.10
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    International Captain Cloete's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Suncorp Stadium
    Player name: AP Cloete
    Contract Of Interest: C
    Expectations: Well I'd love to play for the state I grew up in. I think I can offer alot to Queensland in the batting and provide an extra spinning option behind Hauritz.
    CWXI Regular - Member of CW Black

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    Cricketer Of The Year Blewy's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Your house
    Player name: BJ Goff (Blewy)
    Contract Of Interest: E
    Expectations: Would love to play alongside my hero Greg Blewett and feel that i can offer a bit of experience to the SA lineup...
    Last edited by Blewy; 05-11-2004 at 09:53 PM.

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    International Vice-Captain Slats4ever's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Warwickshire HQ
    Player Name:Ian Markus
    Contract of Interest: E
    Expectations: Would love to move to the most pleasent state in Australia to help further develop my own skills and join up with drinking friend Boof Lehmann. I feel I have a lot to learn from Darren and if given the oppurtunity to travel to SA and play with the Redbacks would learn these things. This team is also red and I like playing for red teams such as the CW Reds. I would love to slot in the opening role so as to further enhance my reputation as an opener in the CW world. Any overs would be a bonus but i'm primarily here for the batting at the top as I feel i have a lot to offer there.
    WCC - Manager of Warwickshire

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    International Debutant cbuts's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    new zealand
    1c, 2e
    allrounder who would like to work on batting and bowling
    My 2008/09 stats
    Games: 10 Innings: 10 Nout Outs: 3 Runs: 489 Average: 69.86 Highest: 154 Fifties: 0 Hundreds: 3
    Catches: 7

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    International Captain ash chaulk's Avatar
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    Perth. WA
    Player name: Ash Chaulk
    Contract of interest - E (Graham Manou's crap) or C (wanna meet Shane watson)
    Expectations: would like to participate in australia full stop
    CW Black - The best team in the ComP

    Proudly supporting:
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    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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