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Thread: Grade Cricket Season XII

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    Round 8 - 3 May

    Scorecards from round 7 now work.

    Edfield Seahawks v Campsfield Braves
    in CWBCC Stadium

    Edfield pros: Rai, Borcich
    Campsfield pros: Blackman, Collins

    Ball By Ball

    The Braves had one partnership - it yielded 297 runs, between Das and Jacklin for the eighth wicket. Borcich and Rai suddenly lacked all penetration, as Rai toiled away for 44 overs without reward, and the Braves eventually declared on 402. Collins ran through the lower order, but it wasn't enough to produce a result.

    Edfield Seahawks (5pts) drew with Campsfield Braves (7pts)
    Man of the Match: P. M. Jacklin (Campsfield Braves)

    Gofftown Tigers v Fitzworthingham Broncos
    in Gofftown Oval

    Gofftown pros: Malthus, Dwyer, Thomas, Demeza
    Fitzworthingham pros: Hogarth, Speirs, Williams

    Ball By Ball

    A swift-scoring and entertaining match, though wickets clattered all around. Gofftown were eventually set 234 to win, but crashed to 37 for four and never recovered.

    Fitzworthingham Broncos (15pts) beat Gofftown Tigers (1pt) by 66 runs
    Man of the Match: R. Williams (Fitzworthingham Broncos)

    Greater Robbham de Grooters v Davistow Darters
    in CW Bar Ground

    Greater Robbham pros: Mitchell
    Davistow pros: Raghav

    Ball By Ball

    Mat Mitchell took six wickets to set the tone of the game, a low-scoring affair with collapses aplenty. Pradeep's 44 not out became vital for the Darters, who reduced de Grooters to 81 in reply to their 123, before Raghav unleashed himself with seven wickets to secure the win.

    Davistow Darters (17pts) beat Greater Robbham de Grooters (5pts) by 81 runs
    Man of the Match: S. V. Raghav (Davistow Darters)

    Maddington Frenzy v Pickford Panthers
    in Bacchanalia Fields

    Maddington pros: Syed, Sharma, Payne. Youth: Malone jnr.

    Ball By Ball

    Pickford were, as expected, routed, with Malone taking six wickets and scoring a century as he continues to tear up this league. Syed, Sharma and Payne were lethal on a wearing wicket.

    Maddington Frenzy (20pts) beat Pickford Panthers (0pts) by an innings and 103 runs
    Man of the Match: R. Malone jnr.

    Stedingham Jets v Nixonstown Foxes
    in Jets Arena

    Stedingham pros: Gaukroger
    Nixonstown pros: Dravid, Gray, Fox

    Ball By Ball

    Dalton and Fox smashed runs in big stands with Adhikari, as the Foxes posted a respectable 365 in their first innings, but it looked as though their lack of bowlers would come back to haunt them. Not so, as a declaration put the Jets in needing 321 to win in six hours, and Fox incited a thunderous crash. He took seven wickets with 46 deliveries, including Gaukroger for a relatively massive 39 - no other batsmen passed 7.

    Nixonstown Foxes (17pts) beat Stedingham Jets (1pt) by 250 runs
    Man of the Match: B. B. Fox (Nixonstown Foxes)

    Twybridge Titans v Garven Island Sharks
    in Riverside, Twybridge

    Twybridge pros: Weber, Forner

    Ball By Ball

    Tarick Weber took eight wickets, but it was the third wicket partnership of 126 between Gunn and Amresh Kumar that put Twybridge into a winning position at Riverside. Weber and Forner exploited the situation, and the Titans took a nine-wicket win to continue their excellent start to the season, though the injury to Forner, who slipped in the field during the second innings, will be a blow.

    Twybridge Titans (19pts) beat Garven Island Sharks (0pts) by nine wickets
    Man of the Match: H. W. R. Gunn (Twybridge Titans)

    Twybridge          6-1-1   96
    Maddington         5-2-1   73
    Fitzworthingham    5-3-0   68
    Nixonstown         5-2-1   63
    Campsfield         3-3-2   60
    Edfield            3-4-1   58
    Davistow           4-3-1   56
    Greater Robbham    3-4-1   46
    Gofftown           3-5-0   40
    Pickford           3-4-1   37
    Stedingham         2-5-1   24
    Garven Island      0-6-2   10
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    good win maddington. nice work.....

    unlucky gofftown, should have really won it from there.
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    go those broncos, winning more here than irl thats for sure...

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    Hahah, these grade teams really seem to love having invincible tail-end partnerships.

    Can't complain too much when they're playing like that, if Borcich is having trouble breaking the partnership then it's not likely the rest of us are going to have much of a chance.

    Love the game before, though, stoked to get another 5-fer. Finding some decent form in grade for like...the first time since it started. Smith bowled excellently as well, and Borcich carrying on good form with the bat.
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    Wahey, a 10-fer. Great form there.
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    Good to see the Broncos playing so well even though I'll probably never play for them
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    Dammit, what a gun innings from Stedman and losing the game is just not on
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    Looking for a better performance next time from Davistow.
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    *holds ice to bruised lower back* owwies!

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    Well, good to see that Maddington are gunning it. Sets up nicely for a clash with the Titans.
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    lol Malone Jnr is going to end up better then his dad
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    Quote Originally Posted by age_master View Post
    lol Malone Jnr is going to end up better then his dad
    no please lol......his dad is a passenger at the moment lol!

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    Great tournament for me until. Great start to Grade cricket
    Long Live Test Cricket

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    C'Mon the Broncos!!!

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    go maddington & gofftown!

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