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Thread: Grade Cricket Season XII

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    Top stuff from Clapo and Smith there. Good win Edfield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy #4 View Post
    Thomas was never dropped, yet he played
    Thomas has not played an OD game all season.
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    Comeback was good.

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    Campsfield Braves v Davistow Darters
    in Camps Field

    Ball By Ball

    Campsfield pros: Blackman, Gooljar, Collins
    Davistow pros: Ritchie

    A hard game's work for Ritchie of Davistow, who bowled 50 overs in addition to batting at three, but his 85 was enough to save the draw in the second innings. Gooljar and Collins also turned their arm over considerably, but it was Blackman who dominated the drawn game with his 160.

    Campsfield Braves (7pts) drew with Davistow Darters (5pts)
    Man of the Match: A. J. Blackman

    Edfield Seahawks v Garven Island Sharks
    in CWBCC Stadium

    Ball By Ball

    Edfield pros: Mørk, Towns, Rai, GN Nayak, Borcich
    Garven Island pros: Fitzsimmons

    Mørk vs Fitzsimmons. That's how the match was branded in Edfield - and it's fair to say Mørk came out on top. Not quite as brutal as Ullungura recently, and with James blunting the bowlers from the other end, Mørk's 234 not out was only good enough for a total of 412 for two. Fitzsimmons replied with 114, but it was Edmondson and Bristow who ensured parity. In the second innings, Towns impressed with an unbeaten ton, as Edfield settled for the draw.

    Edfield Seahawks (7pts) drew with Garven Island Sharks (7pts)
    Man of the Match: H. Mørk (Edfield)

    Greater Robbham de Grooters v Gofftown Tigers
    in CW Bar Ground

    Ball By Ball

    Greater Robbham pros: Amir, Mitchell
    Gofftown pros: Malthus, Dwyer, Thomas

    A special match at the Bar Ground, where the hosts eventually prevailed by one wicket in a match filled with individual performances. First, Muhammad Amir shattered the Tigers, taking seven for 39 as they fell to 90, including Malthus bowled for a duck. Dwyer top-scored, and also took five wickets as de Grooters weren't allowed too great a lead, before attacking with the bat. His fourth-wicket stand with Malthus was worth 114 runs, and he slashed thirteen fours and a six in a memorable 83-ball 127, taking the nerve out of Mitchell (six no-balls, seven for 62) and Amir (one for 84). The target suddenly seemed difficult for de Grooters, especially at 86 for eight with Dwyer having taken five wickets, but wicket-keeper Jervis was undeterred. As Dwyer tired - having taken the first five wickets - Jervis eased to 73 not out, completing a remarkable comeback.

    Greater Robbham de Grooters (17pts) beat Gofftown Tigers (3pts) by one wicket
    Man of the Match: C. R. Dwyer (Gofftown)

    Maddington Frenzy v Nixonstown Foxes
    in Bacchanalia Fields

    Ball By Ball

    Maddington pros: McMeekin, Sharma, Syed, May-Quinlan, Payne Youth: Malone jnr.
    Nixonstown pros: Dravid, Fox, Shah

    The Foxes couldn't quite back up a good bowling effort, falling to 109 against Syed and Payne. McMeekin then took full advantage, lashing out for an unbeaten 170 - better than both teams' first innings - and the Foxes found themselves chasing 365 with only one recognised batsman. Dravid did his best - making 146 on a pitch which rapidly flattened out - but Payne, who had been smashed around by Dravid, ended the innings late on as the Frenzy eked out a narrow and dramatic win to advance to third place in the table.

    Maddington Frenzy (17pts) beat Nixonstown Foxes (4pts) by 18 runs
    Man of the Match: C. R. McMeekin (Maddington)

    Pickford Panthers v Fitzworthingham Broncos
    in Pickford Reserve

    Ball By Ball

    Pickford pros: Roberts, Su
    Fitzworthingham pros: Ullungura, Arnold, Hogarth, Speirs, Kerr, Williams, E McNamara

    Against a virtually full-strength Broncos side, no one would have fancied the Panthers to do much - even though the meagre bowling effort to Hogarth and Arnold was rather woeful. The pair racked up huge hundreds against Su (17 overs for 81) and Roberts (24 overs for 176). With no batting to speak of, the innings defeat was inevitable.

    Fitzworthingham Broncos (20pts) beat Pickford Panthers (0pts) by an innings and 191 runs
    Man of the Match: A. R. Arnold (Fitzworthingham)

    Stedingham Jets v Twybridge Titans
    in Jets Arena

    Ball By Ball

    Stedingham pros: Mamesh, Gaukroger, Reddlapalli
    Twybridge pros: Thompson, Donald, Forner

    The Titans needed a big win, but Mamesh stood in their path, smashing an unbeaten 132 while Forner and Thompson feasted on the top order. Reddlapalli supported him well, making 76 in the fifth-wicket stand of 124, but the Jets were still bowled out in 53 overs. An embarrassing collapse followed for the Titans, who were bowled out for 151, and Gaukroger stood up with 81 as the Jets set a massive target. Forner and Donald attempted resistance, but the Jets still captured their big scalp to move up two places.

    (Smith: Apologies for Donald not bowling - something must have happened in the file transfer. Tomorrow.)

    Stedingham Jets (18pts) beat Twybridge Titans (0pts) by 71 runs
    Man of the Match: T. Mamesh (Stedingham)

    Team		P	W	L	D	T	BP	Pts
    Fitzworthingham	16	12	3	1	0	49	168
    Twybridge	16	10	4	2	0	48	150
    Maddington	16	9	5	2	0	38	136
    Campsfield	16	8	4	4	0	44	136
    Nixonstown	16	9	6	1	0	25	112
    Robbham		16	6	8	1	1	31	102
    Edfield		16	5	8	3	0	35	96
    Davistow	16	6	7	3	0	21	86
    Stedingham	16	5	8	3	0	27	84
    Gofftown	16	6	9	1	0	19	74
    Pickford	16	5	9	2	0	18	68
    Garven Island	16	0	10	5	1	17	36
    As a curiosity, it may be pointed out that Maddington lead the three-day only table with 101 points - tied with Fitzworthingham, but the latter have one more loss in that form. Campsfield have 99 points and Twybridge 95. In the one-day only table, Fitzworthingham have 67 points, well ahead of Twybridge (55), Nixonstown (52) and Gofftown (45).

    Stats updated. Congrats to Blackman on the 1000th run, and to Speirs on the 50th wicket.
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    Oh ok I was also under the impression that the players who were in a team that had the bye would automatically go and play grade for that round
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    To answer your question, yes

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    Glad to get the 50th wicket, but it does just mean that i've played alot of grade cricket. And it helps that i've bowled about 70 more overs than anyone else.

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    Finally we sit at the top of the table.
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    averaging nearly 100, pretty happy with that...

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    153 (113) and 10/96 for the match, and it still wasnt good enough. Gofftown, we need to pick up our game.

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    34 wickets at 12.62 is pretty gun
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    Woohoo few runs and wickets.
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    Glad to get some runs finally. Would have really liked to bat out the game though.
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    Mork, I haven't had the chance to update the grade tracker since the 9th.

    Will give it a crack wednesday arvo when I have some time. Going to a concert tonight, and uni is breathing down my neck lately hence the delay.

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    good win for the boys, the little fella had a game of without bowling and we did well....
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    Pitty on the loss for the Titans. Must say I'm impressed with my form with the bat. Very unexpected!!

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