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Thread: Grade Cricket Season XI

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    Edinburgh (although I'm a New Zealander)
    G.N. Nayak - 190 runs and 9/31 and 6/72... bloody hell! Haven't seen such a convincing ownership of a match for donkey years.

    EDIT: Wright with the same number of wickets too - fantastic! Gelman also ripped in for 10... the Colts bowlers are really at it. Great to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy #4
    Me too, but unlike you, I hold a very important role for my team! If I score ****, I let my team down!

    Nice Bounce back Howler, pity we won't be playing for a while!
    You disgust me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnanden
    Great work by Nayak.

    Can`t believe we lost by one-wicket! Heart-breaking. Especially against such a weak side, we should have won. We certainly kept it tight, but couldn`t quite pull through. Very happy with nine wickets mind. So, so close. Warwick and Comley were great.

    Sharks are hardly weak, okay we didn't have a single dev league player but the Stuart, Hanbury, Ali triumvirate are rightly feared

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy #4
    Me too, but unlike you, I hold a very important role for my team!
    I know who's the better team player...
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    How did we lose after bowling Pickford out for 59? I'd like to take full responsibility for my batting of hasn't been up to scratch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    I think Ponting forgot to take his Swiss Ulti-Vites when he was on 99 not out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes
    Hahaha Gaurchamp, what a freakin' gun.
    This is what happens when i'm not there with McKern to own Grade Cricket....
    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    3. Although Cow Tipping is a hilarious student game in backwater towns such as Bangor, there really is no need for Mitchell to cover one side of the cow in superglue

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    Round 10!

    Nixonstown Foxes vs Davistow Darters @ Nixonstown Server
    Ball by Ball

    Greater Robbham de Grooters vs Pickford Panthers @ CW Bar Ground
    Ball by Ball

    Gofftown Tigers vs Stedingham Jets @ Gofftown Oval
    Ball by Ball

    Edfield Seahawks vs Twybridge Titans @ Sanderston Ground
    Ball by Ball

    Garven Island Sharks vs Campsfield Braves @ Clowich Stadium
    Ball by Ball


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    Das the only main performer from the Colts' ranks in that round. Fairly happy with my performance, but nothing compared to my last 2 grade games.
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    pretty solid bowling performence by me and i dont think ive batted that high in my life!!
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    Can I request my batting postion being changed to #3 or 4...I'm really not as good at opening then I'm at 3 or 4

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    Eewwww - a pair.

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    Dragged back down to earth in round ten after taking 8 in the first innings in round 9. Still I'm very happy with making 41 with the bat and hopefully my lower order contributions can continue and get better over time. Whats with the foxes though? Serious lapse of form.
    Rest In Peace Craigos

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    International Vice-Captain Dasa's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Finally some runs...

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    I guess there is a positive to not being in the Reds OD team, i get to play more for the Jets. Great performance by Andy to set the game up and im very happy that me and Tharmi were both there at the end to finish the game off. Also always good to be on the winning end when you play Thomas, one of the hardest bowlers to face in the world IMO.
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    Camerons destroys us! Mind you, he didn't get me out
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