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Thread: Grade Cricket Season X - Results and Discussion

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    Same place as the Ashes

    End of discussion

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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet
    Ouch. Jets bowlers got hammered.

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    Oh, good god, that hurts . 10 overs for 95 runs, and one measly wicket?, and then only 25 runs of 24 balls. Im staying in the nets till from sunup till sundown. Thats atrocious.

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    One-day round two - much the same:

    Davistow Darters v Pickford Panthers @ Heathridge Oval

    Davistow:	Pickford:
    Dawlat		Bhattacharjee
    +McDonagh	Richings
    Naik		Hepworth
    Ehsan		Jacob
    Langley		+Bharanidharan
    Comley		Chopra
    Chapman		Trafford
    Murdoch		Cockerill
    Cassidy		Rabone
    Watt		McCrystal
    Pradeep		Bhadauria
    The Panthers were never near posting a significant target, as early wickets from Dave Watt put them back and turners from Comley and Langley kept things tidy in mid-innings. Langley got the honour of wrapping up the innings, taking three wickets with four balls as the Panthers were bowled out for 182. In reply, Dawlat Ameer thumped 106 not out, and the Darters recorded an easy ten-wicket win.

    Pickford Panthers 182 (49.1 ovs) lost to
    Davistow Darters 183-0 (24.3 ovs) by ten wickets
    Points: Darters 12, Panthers 0

    Nixonstown Foxes v Greater Robbham de Grooters @ CW Oval

    Nixonstown:	Greater Robbham:
    Markus		Scott
    Pitt		Lucas
    Feeney		Sukhvinder
    +Gray		Dauth
    Adhikari	Dobson
    Grierson	Robbins
    Prestwidge	Sajith
    Fensome		Finnegan
    Riaz		+Jervis
    Gundry		McKern
    Edmunds		Mitchell
    Marc Robbins chose to bat first on his Dev League home ground, and though opener Scott had been dismissed for a golden duck, it was Robbins' lucky day. Sukhvinder hit a blistering 84 before Paddy Gundry had him caught in the outfield, and though Rich Edmunds had a bunch of late wickets, the slogging efforts of Sukhvinder and Dobson (75 off 49) ensured a total of 341. However, the Foxes wanted to join in on the fun; by the third over, they had hit 39, and the opening partnership yielded 113 in 74 balls. Gradually, however, Callum McKern and Mat Mitchell got some control over the batsmen, and when Rob Dauth held a catch off Gray's bat, the Foxes needed 83 off 66 with four wickets remaining. Fensome played well for his 37 before perishing to Sajith's medium pace, and his efforts ensured that the Foxes needed eight off the last over with a wicket in hand. Edmunds hit six off the first four balls, but a suicidal single on the penultimate ball saw the non-striker Gundry run out, and de Grooters won by a solitary run to send the Foxes to their fourth straight defeat.

    Greater Robbham de Grooters 341 (49.4 ovs) beat
    Nixonstown Foxes 340 (49.5 ovs) by one run
    Points: Foxes 0, de Grooters 8

    Gofftown Tigers v Twybridge Titans @ Gofftown Oval

    Gofftown:	Twybridge:
    Jasotharan	+Burke
    Courtis		Das
    Malone		Joslin
    Malthus-Howell	Gunn
    Mohammad	Bokey
    +Vaughan	Amresh Kumar
    Nash		Hancock
    Jamaluddin	White
    Thomas		Cotterill
    Demeza		Weber
    Masterman	McNamara
    A splendid effort from Gunn, who hit 126 not out off 99 balls, ensured that the Titans posted a competitive total of 302 for 9 at the Gofftown Oval after opting to bat first. The Tigers' lack of bowling depth was shown out, as Jasotharan was forced to bowl four overs - performing credibly by snaring the wicket of Bokey. However, the Tigers would have been furious for failing to convert the good start Demeza had given them. However, it turned out to be enough. Rob Malone sliced 92 in barely an hour, while Jasotharan played an unusually composed knock of 106 to take the Tigers to the brink, and though Hancock (three for 68) and Weber (two for 58) both got wickets, it was not enough to contain the Tigers, and they eked out a two-wicket win.

    Twybridge Titans 302-9 (50 ovs) lost to
    Gofftown Tigers 303-8 (47.4 ovs) by two wickets
    Points: Tigers 8, Titans 0

    Stedingham Jets v Campsfield Braves @ Jets Arena

    Stedingham:	Campsfield:
    Stedman		Langdon
    Bennett		Jahangir
    Wallis		Singh
    Prabhakar Rao	Blackman
    Chaudhari	Hasabnis
    Deodhar		McEwan
    Popat		+Harvey
    +Gaukroger	Jacklin
    Loganathan	Das
    Javed		Jadeja
    Cameron		Chattha
    A late rush of wickets from Javed Shafiq could not stop the Campsfield Braves from making 314 for 6 at the Jets Arena - the spinners were, in general, too costly, and though Shafiq bowled two for 38 and Cameron nought for 37, their lack of early wickets was also crucial. Campsfield had a horrible first over bowled by Das, but Jacklin took two early wickets in a fine early spell. Stedingham came back through a century from Wallis, but once again the Braves were bowled back - this time by Jadeja, who got four wickets for 59 runs, and when Chattha repaired a costly early spell with the wicket of Gaukroger, the equation was 29 off 24 with two in hand. The next over went for three, and Chattha struck twice in the 48th as the Braves' bowling once again prevailed.

    Campsfield Braves 314-6 (50 ovs) beat
    Stedingham Jets 290 (48 ovs) by 24 runs
    Points: Braves 8, Jets 0

    Edfield Seahawks v Garven Island Sharks @ Sanderston Ground

    Edfield:	Garven Island:
    Towns		Garven
    Barnaby		+Lezama
    James		Shaukhat
    Bharat		Hanbury
    G Nayak		Monaghan
    Satish Kumar	Tariq
    GN Nayak	Gregory
    Rai		Rose
    Borcich		Edmondson
    Whitehead	Richards
    +Baber		Stuart
    Poor judgment cost the Seahawks a truly big score at Sanderston, with both Dan Towns and Keith James run out, but Pooja Bharat played a lovely innings of 91 and Satish Kumar followed up with 54 off 25 balls to see the Seahawks to a total that the hopeful crowd thought would see them out of the mire. However, Andrew Garven had other thoughts for his Sharks. He put on 149 with Shaukhat for the second wicket, and hit 19 fours and two sixes in a stunning 130 - before scoreboard frustration saw him gift his wicket to Nick Borcich for 130. However, Monaghan and Ali littered the boundaries to ensure that the Sharks prevailed at Sanderston, and the Seahawks are still without a win in four attempts.

    Edfield Seahawks 294-7 (50 ovs) lost to
    Garven Island Sharks 295-4 (45.1 ovs) by six wickets
    Points: Seahawks 0, Sharks 9

    Darters		4-0-0-0	56
    de Grooters	3-0-1-0	38
    Tigers		3-0-1-0	37
    Braves		3-1-0-0	35
    Sharks		2-2-0-0	22
    Titans		1-1-2-0	22
    Jets		1-3-0-0	15
    Seahawks	0-3-1-0	 8
    Foxes		0-4-0-0	 6
    Panthers	0-3-1-0	 5
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    ha ha well done sharks, lol at my bowling

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    Seahawks really not playing to standard, but from a Colts POV it's great to see Pitt, Jaso and Resha all making good runs.
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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet
    Seem to be an awful lot of games played on roads here...

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    Woah ...
    that de Grooters game...close as can be
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    ONE RUN!?!?

    Quite ****ed off, but so proud of the boys, Gundry did a good job with his leggies, and Matt's innings was great. But to need 2 off 2, and to get a run out...

    Can't put it into words.

    Still 0-4, but that was such a game.

    Personally, 40(58) is a nice knock, but in that situation, I should never have left Prestwidge and Alex with the tail.

    Carn the Foxes!
    Or something.

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    Who is this Tariq Ali guy, 49 from 22 is superb.

    Happy to get some jkey runs on the board myself too
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    Displeased with my efforts there but nice to get the win.
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    As usually my batting out shines my bowling in OD and thats not saying much about my batting.

    BTW: Doesn't Chris Kalmar play for the Jets, i don't recall him playing a game yet?
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    good game sharks

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    13 wides in one over.

    Umm...the ball stuck?
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    all 3 of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loony BoB
    Seahawks really not playing to standard, but from a Colts POV it's great to see Pitt, Jaso and Resha all making good runs.

    We're playing like *****, to be blunt about it.
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