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Thread: Grade Cricket Season X - Results and Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertinho
    that's not really that funny,just sad!!

    ok i didn't see that but if thats the rules fine.

    so will i still play for the teams or not???


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    As much as I take it as a compliment that CW cricket would drive you to schizophrenia, I think you should spend your time seeking professional help. Your sig, for one, is very disturbing.

    I now direct you here where you may make your closing statements.
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    Grade was postponed by Indoor cricket finals.
    Expect games from either Håk (Sooner) or me (later ie 24 hours)
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    I'd ****ing hope not.

    Can't we just He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named him (eg. you keep out of the CWXI forum, we don't have a go at you)?
    Or something.

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    I'm pretty sure it says on the now mostly defunct CWXI website that it's against the rules to have more than one account....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertinho
    that is full on funny to the max.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowl-A-Beamer
    that's not really that funny,just sad!!
    Speaking of sad.

    4 accounts.
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    Well Simon and Xavier hit on all the females but the ladies all want Kenny :naughty:
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    all 3 of them?

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    Grade Round Twenty-Four

    Davistow Darters Greater Robbham de Grooters Heathridge Oval

    Davistow	Robbham:
    Dawlat		Lucas
    +McDonagh	Dobson
    Jellett		Dauth
    Langley		Robbins
    Naik		Sukhvinder
    Ehsan		Tebbut
    Watt		Finnegan
    Cassidy		+Jervis
    Kennett		Pardhasaradhi
    Pradeep		McKern
    Waheed		Mitchell
    Dave Watt and David Kennett were outstanding with the ball, but received too little backing from their other bowlers, with the exception of the tight-fisted Pradeep. Thus, Rob Dauth, Sukhvinder and Tebbut managed half-centuries, and de Grooters totalled 277 after being put in. Davistow lost early wickets, and were 96 for 5 after a fearsome spell from Pardharasaradhi, but Dawlat Ameer hung in there to thump 141, including a massive eighth-wicket stand of 75 with Kennett. Needing 26 off 18, David Kennett smashed two big cover drives to reach 51 in 25 balls - before Kenny Doson hung on to another at deep cover. 16 needed off 12 with one wicket in hand. The next over went for nine, but Mat Mitchell bowled two dots to start the next over, and then found the outside edge with the third as de Grooters won by six runs.

    Greater Robbham de Grooters 277 (47.5 ovs)
    Davistow Darters 271 (49.3 ovs)

    Nixonstown Foxes Pickford Panthers CW Oval

    Nixonstown:	Pickford:
    Markus		Young
    Feeney		Richings
    Fensome		Benjamin
    +Gray		+Hepworth
    Currie		Jacob
    Adhikari	Chopra
    Grierson	Trafford
    Prestwidge	Cockerill
    Sanjeet		McCrystal
    Clancroft	Bhadauria
    Edmunds		Roberts
    A blistering century from Jamee Gray and a patient 59 from Alex Fensome gave Nixonstown a solid platform at the CW Oval, and Rich Edmunds then had Peter Young caught at slip by Matt Currie for 11 in the second over of the Pickford innings. Edmunds' opening spell was eventually worth 10-2-33-5, as he bowled unchanged throughout and set the Panthers back to 91 for 5. Jacob and Trafford fought back, but Markus had Jacob bowled off the inside edge, and the lately introduced Sanjeet celebrated four wickets as the Panthers crashed to 204.

    Nixonstown Foxes 339/5 (50 ovs)
    Pickford Panthers 204 (41.5 ovs)

    Gofftown Tigers Edfield Seahawks Gofftown Oval

    Gofftown:	Edfield:
    Courtis		+Mørk
    Thampi		Barnaby
    Malthus-Howell	G Nayak
    Dwyer		GN Nayak
    Mohammad	Rai
    Nash		James
    Jamaluddin	Satish Kumar
    Thomas		Herbert
    +Patel		Borcich
    Demeza		Shoveller
    Masterman	Whitehead
    Gaurav Nayak celebrated success with the ball for Edfield, as his ten overs yielded four wickets for 49 on the bowler-friendly pitch at Gofftown. The new ball swung miles in the hands of both Nayak and Borcich, and set Gofftown back to 13 for 3, then 30 for 4. A century from Mohammad Mahmood and 41 from Greg Thomas took Gofftown past 200, while Trav Demeza hit Borcich for four with his second ball. He outside edged the third to Herbert at third slip. Edfield were set back by Demeza, who had two men bowled in his opening spell, but Gaurav Nayak and DK Rai put them back into contention with a partnership worth 113. Both were robbed of their milestones, however; Rai was bowled for 49, while Satish Kumar stole Nayak's glory with a single at the end of the 41st over, taking the strike with the scores tied and Nayak on 98 not out. He thus hit the winning runs, while Nayak had to eb content with 98 not out - 98 more runs than Gary Nayak.

    Gofftown Tigers 237/9 (50 ovs)
    Edfield Seahawks 241/5 (41.2 ovs)

    Stedingham Jets Garven Island Sharks Jets Arena

    Stedingham:	Garven Island:
    +Mamesh		Fitzsimmons
    Stedman		Hanbury
    Gaukroger	Shaukhat
    Prabhakar Rao	+Monaghan
    Wallis		Richards
    Chaudhari	Tariq
    Gillespie	Gregory
    JB Buxton	Piper
    Javed		Edmondson
    Bala		Bristow
    Loganathan	Stuart
    The dominant scores in the first innings came from Shaukhat Shahzad (127) and Simon Fitzsimmons (59), while the Jets' bowlers toiled but never got serious control over the Sharks' batsmen. James Buxton repaired a poor opening spell with two wickets, including Dave Richards for a five-ball duck, but still the Sharks managed well past 250. However, Stedingham ran rampant; James Stedman thumped 148 in 102 balls, Megan Gaukroger supported him well with 57, and Prabhakar Rao and Wallis eased past the target.

    Garven Island Sharks 281/7 (50 ovs)
    Stedingham Jets 285/3 (38.5 ovs)

    Twybridge Titans Campsfield Braves Riverside, Twybridge

    Twybridge:	Campsfield:
    Joslin		+Dubb-Lynch
    Gunn		Langdon
    Bokey		Hasabnis
    Amresh Kumar	McEwan
    Weber		Gooljar
    Buttsworth	Jahangir
    Naidu		Harvey
    +Hale		Jacklin
    White		Dunks
    Cotterill	R Das
    Dolphin		Jadeja
    The Braves were held afloat by a stunning innings from Langdon, who took three hours for a total of 135. No one else passed 35, while Buttsworth, Dolphin and White took two wickets each for Twybridge. The Titans chased down that target with ease, Tarick Weber guiding them home along with Amresh Kumar after the two shared an unbroken 107-run partnership for the fourth wicket. Bokey also got a half-century for Twybridge.

    Campsfield Braves 248/9 (50 ovs)
    Twybridge Titans 249/3 (40 ovs)

    		 P	 W	 L	D	T	BP	Pts
    Davistow	23	13	 8	2	0	43	181
    Greater Robbham	23	13	 6	4	0	37	173
    Twybridge	23	12	 7	4	0	45	173
    Stedingham	23	13	 9	1	0	34	169
    Nixonstown	23	11	11	1	0	48	163
    Gofftown	23	10	11	2	0	36	142
    Campsfield	23	 9	12	2	0	31	125
    Edfield		23	 8	12	3	0	35	120
    Pickford	23	 9	13	1	0	24	111
    Garven Island	23	 6	15	2	0	22	 92
    There's the one-day round for last Sunday (19 March) still to go, but I need to get homework out of the way first.
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    Any chance of scorecards? Great to see the Seahawks take another win! Also good to see Dan and Alex making runs with the bat, one shy of 50 for Dan and a 59 to Fensome is promising.

    EDIT: Thanks, mate.
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    Yes! We beat Davistow Can't believe Rich Langley took my wicket and reached double figures. Need to fix up our act, boys.

    Btw, Hakon, Davistow have the same amount of wins, 2 more losses, and 6 more bonus points, yet are somehow 8 points ahead? Do you get -1 point for a "d" which I am guessing is a draw? In OD?

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    good boys robham

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    Onya DK.
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    Damn, Gofftown. Our OD hasn't been spectacular this year.

    Glad to get some runs but would've preferred wickets given the situation.

    That said...can I bat there in OD matches all the time, Liam?
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