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Thread: Grade Cricket Season X - Results and Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    I love you too

    Won't someone think of the children??

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    I'd laugh if David said, "I just couldn't be bothered" after all these people said "I'm sure he had a good excuse".

    But, seriously...

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    13th March - Grade Cricket

    Garven Island v Davistow @ Clowich Stadium

    Garven Island:	Davistow:
    Hanbury		Dawlat
    +Lezama		+McDonagh
    Garven		Naik
    Shaukhat	Langley
    Cunningham	Ehsan
    Monaghan (dnk)	Warwick
    Tariq		Comley
    Rose		Murdoch
    Teague		Bayley
    Bristow		Pradeep
    Stuart		Cassidy
    A magnificent century from Don Lezama ensured a comfortable victory for the bottom placed Sharks at the top placed Davistow, even though David Comley choked the middle order with five wickets. He was, however, expensive, and when Harry Warwick had an off day, Lezama could stroll to 133. Comley then hit 69 not out in a futile but entertaining rearguard, which, thanks also to the rain, gave the Sharks 28 overs to chase 105. However, Andrew Garven paced his innings excellently, and just after half past seven he brought up a century with a single to crown his unbeaten 62.

    Davistow Darters 165 & 241 lost to
    Garven Island Sharks 302 & 105-1 by nine wickets

    Twybridge v Nixonstown @ Riverside

    Twybridge:	Nixonstown:
    AS Das		Prestwidge
    +Burke		Fensome
    Joslin		Adhikari
    Gunn		+Gray
    Wilshere	Currie
    Bokey		Grierson
    Amresh Kumar	Sanjeet
    Buttsworth	Eccles
    Weber		Gundry
    Cotterill	Clancroft
    White		Edmunds
    Paddy Gundry's unbeaten 36 in the second innings very nearly took Nixonstown to the very top of the grade league tables, after both teams had been dismissed for meagre scores the first time around. Buttsworth of the Titans and Rich Edmunds for the Foxes claimed five-wicket-hauls in the first dig, while in the second, the Foxes were 114 for 8 when Gundry stepped to the crease to partner Prestwidge. The latter reached his half-century, but could only add 11 more, while Gundry hit three boundaries and ran well for 36. However, his partners deserted him, and an unbeaten 85 from Arunava Das guided Twybridge home by seven wickets.

    Nixonstown Foxes 113 & 169 lost to
    Twybridge Titans 104 & 179-3 by seven wickets

    Pickford v Stedingham @ Pickford Reserve

    Pickford:	Stedingham:
    Richings	Wallis
    Bhattacharjee	Deodhar
    DeSilva		Prabhakar Rao
    Hepworth (dnk)	+Gaukroger
    +Bharanidharan	Chaudhari
    Benjamin	Hogarth
    Jacob		Innes
    Cockerill	Javed
    McCrystal	Loganathan
    Bhadauria	Cameron
    Roberts		Bala
    Tharmi Loganathan enjoyed the turner served up at Pickford, helping himself to tail-end wickets as the ball turned square and sent the Panthers from 108 for 5 to 109. The Jets got a poor start when Wallis was nailed by Roberts early on, but fought back, and Megan Gaukroger hit a splendid, attacking 63 to help her side to 237 and a first-innings lead. Dinu de Silva then outscored all of his team mates in a fantastic 134 - compared to 109 from the Panthers in the first dig and the second innings total of 222 - but still the Jets were only set to chase 95. Colin Benjamin nailed three wickets, but Gaukroger stood up once again, hitting 39 not out and sharing a 63-run stand for the sixth wicket as the Jets paraded home.

    Pickford Panthers 109 & 222 lost to
    Stedingham Jets 237 & 95-4 by six wickets

    Robbham v Edfield @ CW Bar Ground

    Robbham:	Edfield:
    Scott		Barnaby
    Dobson		Herbert
    Sukhvinder	James
    Tebbut		Satish Kumar
    MR Smith	GN Nayak
    Palmer		Galbraith
    Broadbridge	Whitehead
    Finnegan	MS Smith
    +Jervis		Shoveller
    Pardhasaradhi	+Baber
    Mitchell	Derick
    The Seahawks flew back to their nest dejected, after Beamer won the battle of the Matt Smiths emphatically with a first-innings haul of six for 21. Earlier, healthy contributions from the entire batting order had sent de Grooters to 246, with Gaurav Nayak, Matt Smith the elder and Luke Shoveller chipping in with three wickets each. The elder Smith also top scored in the first innings for Edfield, with 21, but as Smith and Mitchell wreaked havoc that was not good enough. The second time around, they were humiliated by medium pacer Pardhasaradhi, and barely passed 100 - Smith snr top scoring again, this time with 26, while Mat Mitchell completed a nine-for in the game.

    Greater Robbham de Grooters 246 beat
    Edfield Seahawks 67 & 100 (f/o) by an innings and 79 runs

    Gofftown v Campsfield @ Gofftown Oval

    Gofftown:	Campsfield:
    Courtis		+Dubb-Lynch
    Cribb		Langdon
    Malone		Singh
    +Vaughan	Hasabnis
    Mohammad	McEwan
    Dwyer		Gooljar
    Nash		Jahangir
    Jamaluddin	Harvey (dnk)
    Kipling		Jacklin
    Thomas		Jadeja
    Masterman	R Das
    A blistering half-century from Darren Dubb-Lynch saved Campsfield amid the Thomas onslaught, as the Colt seamer had six men caught for sub-20 scores - five of them walked back with single digit totals. After an opening stand of 79, the Braves then fell to 131 for 9, as Malone also chipped in by dismissing the openers, before Das hit 22 to take the Braves past 150. However, it was nowhere near a competitive total. Chris Dwyer took his frustration with the CWBCC out on the Braves bowlers, and with twenty-two boundaries in a mind-boggling 173, he had carried the Tigers to a total of 361. The Braves fell to 76 for 4 in reply, before Gareth Gooljar fought back along with Langdon, and the two shared a fifth-wicket stand of 132. Gooljar's 175-ball innings only yielded 33 runs, however, and the target was a modest 55 with nearly all of the evening still to play. It was all too easy, as Cribb and Malone guided their team home with an unbroken second-wicket stand of 35, but the Tigers still had to be content with third place in the table.

    Campsfield Braves 155 & 260 lost to
    Gofftown Tigers 361 & 55-1 by nine wickets

    		W-L-D	BP	Pts
    Davistow	8-6-1	33	120
    Greater Robbham	8-4-3	26	115
    Gofftown	8-5-2	28	114
    Nixonstown	7-7-1	30	109
    Twybridge	7-4-4	29	109
    Stedingham	7-8-0	21	 97
    Campsfield	7-7-1	23	 94
    Edfield		4-8-3	24	 73
    Garven Island	5-8-2	15	 73
    Pickford	5-9-1	19	 70
    As for the 11th and 12th March matches, I assume they're half-done, so I won't do them given that I've got two more sims to do tonight.
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    What's with the May-ness?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Baconator
    What's with the May-ness?
    A subconscious wish we'd be closer to the English cricket season.

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    great win grooters about time too!!

    7 wickets for me is not bad!!

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    9-47....great match figures....played de Grooters
    Looking good for the championship again
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    Go you Tigers!
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    poor Hakon has to do both Grade and DL sims

    Oh well nice to see the Cameron and Loganathan show continue for the Jets.
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    Tigers on fire!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NZTailender
    Tigers on fire!
    You are
    Captain for the Blues.

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    Good win Jets

    Wish I could replicate some of this form (29 @ 10.5) in the Dev League.
    Quote Originally Posted by flibbertyjibber View Post
    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    go goff town tigers
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    Ouch! No worries Darters.
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