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Thread: CW Players A-Z

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    Whoops, them 4 names are meant to be in Blue!
    Jason Gillespie = Best Bowler and Batsman of South Australia
    CW Record Stats

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    Have just read these and thought your comments were far too kind.

    Here's hoping I live up to what was said!!
    Simon Taufel---ICC Umpire Of The Year 2005/2006/2007

    Proud Member of CW Green

    Proud member of the Stedingham Jets Grade Cricket Team

    NSW Blues---ING Cup Champions 2005/2006

    3rd May 1955-19th January 2004----RIP Hookesy

    "Just keep your mouth shut and I'll only have to think you're stupid." The golden rule of umpiring according to the world's best cricket umpire, Australia's Simon Taufel.

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