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Thread: *Official* Season XIV Discussion and Results

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    Cricket Web Black vs Cricket Web Green
    Friendly 5D @ Pickford Reserve

    Ball by Ball

    The brilliance of Nath Patrick continued to steal headlines as he twice dismantled an inexperienced CW Green batting lineup to continue the rampant form of CW Black. Between Patrick's first innings 6-for and his second innings 4-for, the Blacks piled on 650 runs on the back of tons by each of the top four batsmen.

    Cricket Web Green 1st Innings 217 all out
    Mamesh 79, Garven 47, Patrick 6-55, Richards 1-29
    Cricket Web Black 1st Innings 650 for 5 dec.
    King 181, Donald 130, McNamara E.A.P. 2-113, Sarwar 1-109
    Cricket Web Green 2nd Innings 167 all out
    Cunningham 54, Garven 35, Patrick 4-33, Gough 3-75
    Cricket Web Black won by an Innings and 266 runs.

    Cricket Web Colts vs Masters XI
    Friendly 5D @ Fardin Qayyumi Stadium

    Ball by Ball

    Sloppy fielding and an inexperienced attack were brutally exposed by Masters XI, and they cruised to a second win in the preseason. There was encouraging fight in both innings at the crease, but the tourists looked more confident and in form than their rivals and dominated the fixture.

    Cricket Web Colts 1st Innings 362 all out
    Griffen 110, Wilson 61, Rankin 4-83, Warne 3-73
    Masters XI 1st Innings 463 all out
    Lara 137, Benkenstein 102, Quinn 4-143, Weber 3-59
    Cricket Web Colts 2nd Innings 240 all out
    Fitzsimmons 72, Fjermestad 48, Odoyo 6-31, Rankin 2-67
    Masters XI 2nd Innings 140 for 3
    Hinds 57, Farhat 41, Quinn 2-42, Spinks 1-21
    Masters XI won by 7 wkts.

    Cricket Web Blue vs Cricket Web Red
    Friendly 5D @ PDV Dome

    Ball by Ball

    Despite a 12-wicket haul by Muhammad Amir, Cricket Web Blue overpowered Cricket Web Red with an explosive second innings showing. Bee Storer lead the way with a 61-ball ton and the young Red attack were bruised, broken and thoroughly beaten. Facing a large total in the fourth innings, the batting then crumbled to defeat by 322 runs.

    Cricket Web Blue 1st Innings 233 all out
    Wilson 68, Dunbar 43, Amir 5-61, Bennett 2-38
    Cricket Web Red 1st Innings 309 all out
    Singh 85*, Dwyer 50, Maina 4-98, Collins 2-57
    Cricket Web Blue 2nd Innings 591 all out
    Wilson 189, Storer 146, Amir 7-155, West 2-103
    Cricket Web Red 2nd Innings 193 all out
    Gray 55, Singh 52, Maina 4-52, Popat 3-29
    Cricket Web Blue won by 322 runs.
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    Not the worst display despite the loss, there were some positives to come out of it anyway.

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    Anyone else remember Mamesh calling Patrick crap?
    The one, the only CW Black
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    Once again not great for me, good win for us though.
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    I'm still bitter about BBC2 showing the signing of the Good Friday Agreement instead of the Simpsons.
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    No need to be embarrased, Green Fans.

    Being beaten by the best. $1.01 favourites at the local bookies. If anything, the margin was expected to be bigger. Kind declaration from the Black Captain.
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    Heath worryingly quick.

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    disappointed by the loss.... really good performace from Amir & S. Singh
    Long Live Test Cricket

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    Anyone else remember Mamesh calling Patrick crap?

    Amir!!! Obviously disappointed by the loss, but a fantastic display by the big man all the same, Well Done

    Good to see SJS into the runs early on as well (y)
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    Ponting's ability to ton up in the first innings of a series should not be understated. So much pressure, so important. What a great!

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    ha, guess thats what happens when you field a XI a couple batsman short and a experimental bowling attack against the top team, are ball by balls available?
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    ODI XI to beat the best

    To answer your question, yes

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    BBB fixed.

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    So these matches count towards FC right?

    Haha, nah, total ownage by teh Blax. Great support from our bowling unit and for our top four batsmen to make tons, well... that's just insane. Speirs impressive aswell and all-in-all, this is just looking incredible.
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    lolz we have a tail longer than England's so its a good job our top order kicks ass.

    Top stuff looking good for the season ahead.

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    I'm not putting in the numbers, granted, but I'm not an 8 or 9 batsman. Should be at 5 or 6.

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    You'd have thought Black had just beaten an international side with these comments......

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