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Thread: *Breaking News* New team for Season XIII

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    *Breaking News* New team for Season XIII

    The new season of Development League cricket will feature a sixth team. After consideration by the CWBCC, it was decided that a Masters XI will be included in the league, allowing for a more balanced schedule and an improved standard of competition.

    The squad will be composed of several former internationals and will be a stiff test in the aid of bridging the seemingly immense gap between our domestic cricket and international cricket. The Masters XI will not receive any points for games played, and therefore will not be in contention for either of the titles or trophies. However, Dev League teams will receive points as per the usual system from these contests.

    With a sixth team in the league, each team will play an additional four games in each format. Thus, the league will be improved on two levels - keener competition against proven quality opposition, and more games.

    No official name has been decided for the Masters XI. Several players are on the CWBCC shortlist of invitees, but as of yet, no one has been confirmed to the squad.
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    Awesome, look forward to the challenge.

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    Awesome, will be a good one.
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    Heh, fun!

    Another team, more wickets!
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    So, I'm assuming these count as first class/list A matches? And I'm assuming the entire masters XI is overseas players? I can't see there being much point of someone playing for a squad that can't win our national comp. I reckon that we should give them points too, if we lose our national trophies to some foreigners, then we should just bloody well try harder.
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    I agree, we should give them a chance at winning, if they take it, as Davo said, we must work harder!
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    Just call it the Masters XI.
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    Very, very interesting news. Would be for giving them points, makes it worth more IMO.
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    Call them the Masters XI, and let them have a chance. Pointless if they're just playing without any hope of winning.
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    Like the idea of an new side. Can't see the point of them being made of of old farts. Don't think they will add a lot TBH, even if its say Lara, Warne, McGarth and co. Rather have an up and coming team like ECC Squad or Australian or NZ Academy team.
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    I like the idea, should be a good challenge to all the teams - the longer domestic season is a good step too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaminda_00 View Post
    Like the idea of an new side. Can't see the point of them being made of of old farts. Don't think they will add a lot TBH, even if its say Lara, Warne, McGarth and co. Rather have an up and coming team like ECC Squad or Australian or NZ Academy team.
    To be honest, I agree with Tharmi.
    But looking forward to it nonetheless.
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    Yeah I agree with Tharmi too.


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    Composing the international team of unestablished players defeats the main purpose of it. This Masters XI is meant to pose some proven quality opposition for our players, as we attempt to better prepare them for the rigors of international cricket. But adding another team of uncapped cricketers/amateurs it's hardly the same goal met.

    Regarding the team earning points, the decision was made that it would not in light of the general public preferring that it doesn't. It was an assumption. But if the majority actually prefers that the team compete for winnings, fair enough. That said,I don't think the team should be allowed to win the FC or OD title. It may, however, win the trophies.

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    Not sure about this. Seems to dilute the competitions by adding a team that is different in nature to the rest and has different rules regarding its inclusion.

    A 6th team isnt a bad idea, but it would be nice if there were enough players to do it the same way as it has been done before. A new team added with full status within all comps.

    If there is an effort needed to improve the standard, rather than add a whole team of retired and older International players and a change to the structure, why not allow an overseas player. That raises the standard and allows a captain to address any imbalance in the composition of the squad. Adding 1 overseas player would free up others to make the 6th CW Team as well.
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