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Thread: *Official* Season XII Results and Discussion Thread

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    what about Su's?
    CW Black - The best team in the ComP

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    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    Was up for about 22 hours from 8am yesterday and home for about 2 of them. Been up for about 8.5 hours today and home for about 45 minutes of them. Needless to say, results will be delayed a tad. But both yesterday's and today's results should be up before Thursday-end.
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    I guess I should name an OD side then.

    EDIT: Ah, we're not playing.
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    May 9

    Cricket Web Red v Cricket Web Black
    Pickford Reserve

    Ball by Ball

    Gerard Armstrong twice fell short of the century milestone, but he starred for Cricket Web Black as they dominated an intriguing drawn match with Cricket Web Red. There were several points of interest, including David Kearsley being given the wicketkeeping gloves after his captain cut his index finger early on (there's a good explanation for this...), and the competition was intense for the most part on a slow turner.

    Again Daniel Smith led from the front when his team batted first, and again he fell short of a hundred, bowled by David Kennett for 71. Following on from his example, Gerard Armstrong and Ash Chaulk played themselves into comfortable form on an easy surface. Callum Thompson (4-98) looked the most threatening of a generally subpar CW Red bowling attack. Smith was out at 223-3, allowing Chaulk to play freely alongside the well-set Armstrong. For the third time this season, Armstrong made his way into the 90s. And for the second time since his maiden first-class hundred in the season opener, the right-hander fell short of a ton. He was caught smartly by Kearsley for 97.

    Chaulk continued onward at pace, receiving good support from Gelman, Richards and Borcich after Markus was lbw for 15. CW Black mounted a challenge of 483, all out soon after tea on day two. Success too came for Borcich and Pickup in that session with the ball. Sharma and Dobson were casualties in CW Red's overnight score of 77-2. On the third day, after Dauth and Kearsley fell cheaply, it became apparent that Håkon Mørk would be crucial to his team's fortunes. Then Pickup found his inside edge and Mørk was made to walk for 55, at a despairing 135-5.

    Still trailing by 348 runs, it appeared the Reds would fall well short of the follow-on target. But there were other thoughts on the mind of Chris Dwyer. He picked his moment to rise to the occasion and spanked a maiden hundred from 122 balls. The allrounder was dropped twice on course to the milestone, but all the same, he played an innings of extreme class under fire. Major contributions of support also came from Robbins, Thompson and Bennett, but it was Dwyer's innings that took CW Red well past the follow-on target and to 366 all out, trailing by 117 runs.

    Buoyed by the revival, the Reds grabbed the wickets of Arnold and Cloete by 45-2. Again Smith was made to dig in, and he did so to the tune of 45 runs. And again he was overshadowed by Armstrong, who carried on to 82, then imploded against Robbins, pulling to deep midwicket. Markus was the main measure of support this time around, scoring 56 from 82 balls. Watt bowled creditably enough for 5 wickets, and CW Black finished on 267 all out, leaving a target of 385 runs for CW Red a day and an over remaining.

    Mørk confidently saw out the lone over at the end of day four, driving Borcich fluently through the covers for a boundary. The fifth day pitted the Red top order against the elements and the might of the Black attack. Frustrating weather breaks played their part, but CW Black pressed hard enough to have CW Red 81-4 soon after lunch. The captain gone and Dauth caught-slip off Pickup for 19, the Blacks would have sensed a victory push. Bad light eliminated 6 overs then the skies dealt a hefty blow of rain. Some 20 overs were lost in that second delay and an early tea taken. Chaulk dropped Kearsley when he had 20, within the first half an hour of the final session. Pickup was the unlucky man, and Kearsley never appeared phased from then on.

    Robbins was caught at short midwicket for 29, but it only allowed Dwyer a chance to celebrate his game further by lofting a six and cracking a four off Pickup. At the other end Kearsley played the definitive innings, unbeaten on 64 in a score of 197-5. CW Red completed the game comfortably hanging on for a drawn result.

    Cricket Web Black 1st 483 all out (151.1 overs)
    GAJ Armstrong 97, AP Chaulk 90, DP Smith 71, ZE Gelman 49
    CP Thompson 4-98, DM Kennett 3-114

    Cricket Web Red 1st 366 all out (127.1 overs)
    CR Dwyer 114, H Mørk 55, CP Thompson 36
    NS Pickup 4-95, ZE Gelman 2-62, NA Borcich 2-74

    Cricket Web Black 2nd 267 all out (84.5 overs)
    GAJ Armstrong 82, I Markus 54, DP Smith 45
    DJ Watt 5-50, MJ Robbins 2-23, SA Bennett 2-42

    Cricket Web Red 2nd 197-5 (68 overs)
    DA Kearsley 64*, H Mørk 34, MJ Robbins 29
    NS Pickup 2-75

    Match drawn.
    Man of the Match: GAJ Armstrong

    Cricket Web Green v Cricket Web Colts
    Fardin Qayyumi

    Ball by Ball

    As at Pickford, there was rain and frustration in the air at Goffmouth, where Cricket Web Colts and Cricket Web Green played in a batting-dominated drawn result. Only 14 wickets fell in the match for more than 1100 runs scored. Admittedly only 330 overs were played, but the surface never looked sufficiently problematic to make a result likely. Still Andrew Garven will rue not playing Tom Halsey, as none of the spinners on show were able to make use of an evidently spin-friendly surface.

    The first innings was dominated by Daniel Towns, even in his quiet manner. Jasotharan and Kerr made have made more immediate waves in their stroke-filled cameos, and Mike Wilson's brilliant 85 may remain dominant memory from the innings of 410 all out, but Towns played tremendously well for his hundred. Bad light delayed the start by 68 minutes on day one, and the Colts openers were gone by 58-2. Towns came in in the 19th over and played chancelessly through the next 21 overs before bad light and rain called an early end to a gloomy day. The Colts resumed on 95-2 on day two. By lunch the skies were sunny and generally cloudless. As conditions improved for batting, the Green bowlers struggled progressively more. For the sixth wicket, Towns and Wilson added 116 heading to stumps at 381-5. The rain returned on day three, and Rose used the conditions to his advantage to finish with 5 wickets after wrapped up the tail.

    Dubb-Lynch was dropped and then dismissed in a 4-over mini-session before tea, which CW Green ended at 14-1. Only two overs were possible after tea, and rain continued to aggravate all invovled. The fourth day featured overcast conditions and some swing early on for the Colts seamers. However the pitch itself remained largely lifeless and easy for batting. Over the course of the day, Nick Scott and Garven brutally exposed that fact. Scott was dropped, ironically by centurion Towns on 94, then reached his hundred with a six off Tarick Weber's spin. The Scott-assault continued past an individual 150 in one of the most entertaining pairings in CW Green history. Scott and Garven smashed all that the Colts faced them with. A partnership of 189 was forged for the third wicket, then the tireless Nick Hancock dismissed both batsmen in a brace. He would take no further wickets in the innings, and CW Green ended day four comfortable at 353-5.

    Cunningham continued his assault on the final morning, reaching 61 from 67 balls when he was out to Wright. Corrin batted on past lunch, at which point the result became very much apparent with just 41 runs between the teams at the interval. Garven therefore gave Corrin a chance at a maiden hundred, but he fell short by 17 runs and prompted a declaration at 514-9. After Corrin put down Hopgood in the first over, there were few genuine alarms in the final innings of the match. Paddy Gundry bowled well in taking 3 wickets and showing the potency of spin on the pitch. Fitzsimmons, Hopgood, and later Jasotharan, took the opportunity of a known 46-over stint to play thrilling cameos. Yet at the centre of an eventual score of 179-4 was Towns with 36 not out.

    Cricket Web Colts 1st 410 all out (143 overs)
    DP Towns 122, MW Wilson 85, WA Kerr 45
    XPA Rose 5-89, BC Cunningham 3-98

    Cricket Web Green 1st 514-9 dec. (141 overs)
    NG Scott 163, M Corrin 83, AJ Garven 67, BC Cunningham 61
    GM Thomas 3-120, MW Wilson 2-78

    Cricket Web Colts 2nd 179-4 (46 overs)
    S Jasotharan 43, M Hopgood 41, SG Fitzsimmons 37, DP Towns 36*
    PG Gundry 3-57

    Match drawn.
    Man of the Match: NG Scott

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    Gutted to drop Scott, but more than pleased with my century. Shame about the rain.
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    Some innings. Might be hard to drop Dwyer at this stage.

    Disappointing return by the ODI players, clearly out of touch with five-day cricket. A draw looked a fair result, pretty toothless attacks all round, though I suppose we were a little lucky with the weather.
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    First it was missing centuries, now it's 50s... good god...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy #4 View Post
    First it was missing centuries, now it's 50s... good god...
    Got you out twice.
    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    3. Although Cow Tipping is a hilarious student game in backwater towns such as Bangor, there really is no need for Mitchell to cover one side of the cow in superglue

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    May 10

    Cricket Web Colts v Cricket Web Blue
    PDV Dome

    Ball by Ball

    It was an emotional send-off for Cricket Web XI legend Brendon Goff, as he played his final innings in CW cricket at his home ground, the PDV Dome. Cricket Web Blue rallied for a convincing win over Cricket Web Colts, and though Goff only scored 37, it seemed a somewhat fitting farewell. The Blues paid tribute to the man with victory by 6 wickets with almost 10 overs to spare.

    The bowlers acquitted themselves beautifully for the home team, limiting the Colts to 199 all out and setting up a relatively comfortable run chase for the night time session. Everything seemed scripted perfectly. Goff entered early at 24-1 in the 6th over. He was off the mark with his first ball and had his first boundary with his third. An easy push through the covers brought the crowd to its feet in appreciation of the composure and class so intrinsic to Goff's game. From there Pete Young stole the highlights, setting about the Colts attack with finesse and urgency. He got to his fifty from 39 balls, and Goff had then faced just 14 balls for 13 runs. And it could end no other way than there, in his final innings, the man who so quietly accumulated such an impressive career record, would be overshadowed by his teammate.

    Young slowed his charge and was ultimately bowled by McNamara for 80. The dismissal seemed to suggest to Goff that he try to supply some fireworks of his own to thrill the eager crowd for the last time. With the Blues well on their way to victory and in total control of the game, Goff lofted the ball hard and flat and into the hands of Thad Bochat at long-on. There was no celebration. For even at 148-3 and with the game technically still alive, the Colts paid a measure of respect for Goff in muting any celebration and instead applauding his walk to the pavilion. He only hit two boundaries in his 37, and after the initial expression of disappointment, he looked a relieved and content man in his final departure.

    McNamara added a third wicket in Cribb (for 5), improving his figures to a thoroughly deserved 3-for, but Dinu DeSilva and Sean Fuller calmly saw the game home in the 41st over. With 10-1-36-3, McNamara was the clear standout in an attack that never recovered from Young's early onslaught.

    When Camps won the toss earlier in the day he had no hesitation in putting the Colts in to bat. On a typically quick PDV pitch, good for batting and fast bowling, the Colts were uneasy and unsettled against a very organized Blue attack. Up front Demeza and Smith swung the new ball, restricting the dangerous Jasotharan and Hopgood, then Dunn dismissed both in his opening burst. A run out ended a third-wicket stand of 33, sending Towns back for 39, then Fuller followed up having Bharat caught at second slip first ball. In his following over Fuller dismissed Weber for 1, and Camps trapped Wilson after for 3, leaving the score in dire state at 107-6.

    Nick Hancock was brave as ever with 31, including two massive sixes off Dunn, and Butler was steady in scoring 40, but the Colts fell short of the desired 200 by a run. All the bowlers, bar Cribb, looked in good shape, though Dunn and Fuller were the standouts with 3 wickets apiece. With the ball and in the field the Blues looked the best they have all season, holding all their chances and proving miserly in the extras column. It was clear that all were playing as tribute to Goff's career, and it was a proud finish. Young gave his Man of the Match award to Goff in a beautiful gesture to bring everything to a close.

    Cricket Web Colts 199 all out (49.1 overs)
    CR Butler 40 [70], DP Towns 39 [47], NR Hancock 31 [42]
    SE Fuller 3-31 [9.1], RG Dunn 3-48 [10], LA Camps 2-31 [8]

    Cricket Web Blue 202-4 (40.2 overs)
    PE Young 80 [93], BJ Goff 37 [56], MW DeSilva 36* [35]
    JP McNamara 3-36 [10]

    Cricket Web Blue won by 6 wickets.
    Man of the Match: PE Young

    Cricket Web Green v Cricket Web Red
    CW Oval

    Ball by Ball

    A calm and measured hundred from Nick Scott guided Cricket Web Green to a comfortable 3-wicket win at the end of a tricky run chase against Cricket Web Red. Scott scored 107 unbeaten, hitting 7 fours and 2 sixes, following up his magnificent 163 against the Colts earlier this week.

    There was no such masterful innings for CW Red. Matt Luff topscored with 47, but no one found batting easy, and seam movement kept everyone in check to a certain extent. Rob Dauth particularly laboured for 36 from 69 balls. Little surprise that the man who found things easiest was David Kearsley, in the form of his life, though admittedly lacking runs in one day cricket. He looked in relative comfort in scoring 27 from 27 balls, but was run out by a Corrin direct hit.

    All but Dobson got to double figures in the innings, and a score of 224-7 looked reasonable, given the difficulties of the pitch. At one stage the Reds would have hoped for more, however, with an opening stand of 85 showing glimmers of promise. But after Dauth was run out in a horrific mixup, Halsey pegged things back with an excellent return for CW Green. He took 2 for 40 in his 10 overs, after his first over went for 9 runs.

    A third run out occurred at the start of the CW Green innings. Skipper Garven was called through by Dubb-Lynch and the stunning fielding of Kearsley accounted for his wicket for just 1 run. Dubb-Lynch looked to make up for his error by playing very confidently to score 43 before he feathered to Mørk behind the stumps. In the same over, Lezama was bowled by Kennett for 1. At 90-3 CW Green appeared somewhat shaken and uncertain. But Ben Read and Martyn Corrin gave adequate support to Scott in partnerships of 52 and 66 for the 4th and 5th wicket respectively. Needing just 17 runs, CW Green lost 3 wickets in a bundle, though it was far from sufficient to cause genuine concern. Scott clipped Kennett to the legside to sprint the winning single.

    Cricket Web Red 224-7 (50 overs)
    MD Luff 47 [72], RJ Dauth 36 [69], SA Bennett 28 [35]
    TC Halsey 2-40 [10], BC Cunningham 2-48 [10]

    Cricket Web Green 225-7 (48.1 overs)
    NG Scott 107* [130], DY Dubb-Lynch 43 [59], BS Read 28 [46]
    DJ Watt 2-30 [9], DM Kennett 2-46 [9.1]

    Cricket Web Green won by 3 wickets.
    Man of the Match: NG Scott

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    Ecstatic to finally break the shackles with a couple of big scores to back up the captain's faith in me.

    Great win Greens.

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    Very unhappy with the OD loss. We really should have done better than that.

    The FC game was a little better, Towns with a fantastic innings.
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    Awesome win Greens.

    Let's keep it up!!
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    good stuff greens. playing better with me out injured skip. i may sit out for the remainder of the season if we keep winning.
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    1 for 27 from ten, i'll take that!

    Solid win for the blues in the OD, 58 balls to spare, easy money.
    Well timed run chase, and well fielded and bowled to restrict the Colts to a sux score.

    So many runs in the FC match from the 4 other teams there, too.
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