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Thread: *Official* Season XII Results and Discussion Thread

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    ill join the coverage from 8 maybe it depends on if my mum's watching the same program or not
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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    The lower order is much better to look at, mind.
    I thought Borchitch's mugshot would be apt but can't be bothered to find it.
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    Borcich doesn't play OD games. Poor form.


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    Gutted, well played reds. Sad to see that my best effort wasn't enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    Borcich doesn't play OD games. Poor form.
    his last OD game was last years final lol
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    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    Borcich doesn't play OD games. Poor form.
    Is that because he's too manly for the Black OD outfit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PY View Post
    Is that because he's too manly for the Black OD outfit?
    This could be the reason that Heathy hasn't made the step up yet. Or maybe they don't need another big ego in the dressing room??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ash chaulk View Post
    his last OD game was last years final lol
    2/27 from 9, tell your friends.

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    Chef De Groot Trophy: Cricket Web Blue v Cricket Web Black
    at PDV Dome

    Ball By Ball

    Cricket Web Black confirmed their one-day supremacy in a nail-biting one-wicket victory, the outcome ultimately determined by a couple of inches after a heroic fight from Cricket Web Blue, who remain without silverware despite being arguably the most consistent team throughout the season. Despite the top order providing sub-par performances, the Black lower order showed remarkable grit, keeping their eye on a target they eventually surpassed with three balls to spare after TV umpire deliberation.

    Liam Camps opted to bat first on a sunny day, and asked his openers, Young and Wilshere, to ease into the game against the dangerous quick bowlers from Black. Both Gough and Patrick unnerved the batsmen early on, before the seventh over, when the batsmen thumped 15 runs and showed they were going to play every ball on its merits. Smith turned to Gelman, but with little initial reward, as Wilshere swung through the line in his second over.

    The spinners, however, came back and saved Black through the third powerplay. Pickup and Richards bowled seven powerplay overs for 21 runs, and also claimed the wicket of Young. De Silva, the new batsman, struggled particularly against the spinners, and took 41 balls to reach 17; Richards also had a close lbw shout turned down, but lost effectiveness as the game wore on and ended with ten wicketless overs for 51. Thus, Smith thought the time opportune to reintroduce Gelman, who had cost eighteen from his first two powerplay overs. However, with the field back and the pressure on, he produced an excellent spell. Wilshere, who had discovered some of his past one-day form and passed his previous career high of 95, denied himself a century after slashing to Cloete at extra cover, but this led de Silva to finally cut loose. He took two fours off a Richards over, and though Gelman took three wickets in 12 balls with quick, pitched-up deliveries, de Silva laboured to an 80-ball fifty, before whacking Patrick on the leg side, taking 16 off the 44th.

    With six overs remaining, Blue had picked their run rate back above five, and Gelman and Gough remained. Gough, who had struggled and not taken any wickets in his first eight overs, came on for Patrick in the 48th, and immediately had de Silva fishing. A useful innings came to an end for 75, and though Crampton struck a pair of boundaries, Gough showed enough control to limit the total to 260 and claim three wickets for a statistically decent performance.

    Blue got an early breakthrough as Stedman made a rare error, flashing to Camps in the gully to end his final appearance with 10 runs. Black, however, had more international batsmen in their armoury. Cloete was subdued early on, thanks to accurate bowling from Matt Smith, but Markus found the boundary with ease before inexplicably dragging Dunn on for 35, and Cloete soon followed, caught bat-pad at the wicket - though there were nagging doubts over whether he had actually hit the ball.

    When Blue are to find scapegoats for this match, Trav Demeza's three-over effort must rank highly. Slapped for six boundaries, one no-ball and a yelping appeal for lbw, it was all too loose and wide, and despite the pace he left the batsmen with all too many opportunities to smash him. After Chaulk's big hoik for six off Cribb, the required run rate was down to 4.6, and the top order had done their job despite getting out softly. Indeed, Chaulk followed shortly afterwards, an excellent stop and fine return by Cribb leaving him a couple of inches short.

    With four wickets down, but the run rate under control, Smith and Armstrong could control the spinners. That was the illusion; however, Smith never looked confident, and slapped one to midwicket where Fuller came up with some excellent fielding to dismiss the Black captain for eight. Only Armstrong now remained of the specialist batsmen, and once again Gelman needed to come up with a special middle-over effort. They did enough to hammer Williams out of the attack, leaving him with a golden duck and three wicketless overs in his first one-day final, while Cribb was allowed to bowl due to perceived wicket-taking threat.

    Black looked confident when Dunn was brought in for a second spell, requiring 64 from 90 deliveries. However, Dunn bowled successive maiden overs to Gelman, beating him on a number of occasions, and he was easily held by Fuller at midwicket when attempting a pull shot to break the shackles. Apart from facing Dunn, however, he had provided 37 runs, and very able support to a rampant Armstrong. Richards followed in the next over, as Matt Smith closed out his task well, taking a wicket and conceding 11 runs in his final three. Armstrong managed to shield Gough sufficiently, however, and going into the final five overs Black required 29.

    Camps sent himself into the line of fire, backing himself to remove the tailenders. Instead, Gough edged one over the slips, then smashed him over midwicket for another boundary off the final ball; ten fell off the over, Black required 19, while Blue now needed the two wickets to be in with a shout. Camps did return with a couple of snorters, before a yorker was feebly edged back by Armstrong, who thus ended on 70. Regardless, he had taken Blue to the brink, as only eight was required with Dunn's gentle mediums coming from the other end. Gough and Pickup eased singles off slightly overpitched bowling, before an expansive straight drive ended the over with two runs.

    The task on Camps was immense. He needed to take two wickets without conceding runs for an outright win; Pickup avoided that by a gentle legside flick, leaving the scores tied, but a yorker to Gough shattered the tall fast bowler's stumps, leaving Patrick to face four balls with one run to win. Camps aborted his run-up twice, then finally steamed in to bowl another yorker. Expecting it, Patrick got bat on it and deflected it past leg-stump, but a huge dive from Crampton stopped the ball. Pickup, already halfway home, dashed the final 10 yards in an unofficial CWLand record, yet the naked eye could come to no conclusion as to whether Crampton's throw or Pickup's bat was home first. After much deliberation, and several tomatoes pelted at the TV umpire's box clearly asking the umpire to make his mind up, the green light flashed, and Black could celebrate their successful end to a great season.

    Cricket Web Blue 260 for eight
    BL Wilshere 99, MW de Silva 75; ZE Gelman 4-50, KJ Gough 3-52

    Cricket Web Black 261 for nine
    GAJ Armstrong 70; MJ Smith 2-41, RG Dunn 2-44, RGEWS Cribb 2-46, LA Camps 2-51

    Cricket Web Black won by one wicket
    Man of the Match: G. A. J. Armstrong (Cricket Web Black)
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    Getting out Fuller, Camps and Cribb in a final, doesn't get any better than that really. Especially pleasing after all the pre-season crap, to come out on top and silence the critics. Awesome stuff.
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    So close and so gutted. Damn.

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    Fantastic day to be a spectator. Geg still owes me a few beers though.
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    Im proud of that win and this season at Black. Great for the team to walk away with silverware.
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    Well done Blacks.

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