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Thread: *MVP Vote*

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    *MVP Vote*

    Vote for the MVP for each type of cricket this season. Note that the MVP is the player who meant the most to his team and not necessarily the best player.

    Please place your top 3 votes in order of preference with a reason:
    1. Mr X (He scored 50 hundreds this season)
    2. Mr Y (He scored 49 hundreds this season)
    3. Mr Z (He was a great waterboy)

    Nominees (as picked by the CW captains):

    Nathan Hoy (LHB/RF)
    667 runs @ 21.52
    3x50; HS: 71*
    74 wickets @ 22.43
    3x5w; BB: 5/44

    Nath Patrick (RHB/RFM)
    116 runs @ 5.52
    95 wickets @ 28.35
    5x5w; BB: 7/116

    Ash Chaulk (RHB/WK)
    937 runs @ 37.48
    3x50, 2x100; HS: 145
    48 ct

    Samuel Vimes (RHB/WK)
    1503 runs @ 35.79
    11x50, 1x100; HS: 161
    61 ct

    David Kennett (RHB/RFM)
    31 runs @ 2.38
    82 wickets @ 21.07
    6x5w; BB: 7/38

    Dave (RHB/RF)
    307 runs @ 9.59
    89 wickets @ 25.82
    3x5w, 1x10w; BB: 5/35

    Neil Pickup (RHB/LS)
    15 runs @ 0.75
    77 wickets @ 25.08
    5x5w; BB: 6/37

    C Buts (LHB/RM)
    1354 runs @ 38.69
    10x50, 2x100; HS: 160

    Sudeep (RHB/LS)
    620 runs @ 29.52
    4x50; HS: 86*
    34 wickets @ 24.91
    3x5w; BB: 7/39

    Cloete (RHB/LS)
    1766 runs @ 56.97
    9x50, 7x100; HS: 166
    3 wickets @ 36.00
    BB: 1/8
    Bugssy (RHB/RFM)
    701 runs @ 53.92
    8x50; HS: 97
    SR: 103.09
    5 wickets @ 48.80
    BB: 3/17
    Econ: 5.36

    A Massive Zebra (LHB/SLA)
    19 runs @ 4.75
    32 wickets @ 17.75
    2x4w, 1x5w; BB: 5/28
    Econ: 4.77

    Zaid Ghansar (RHB/RFM)
    634 runs @ 52.83
    6x50; HS: 82
    SR: 79.45
    19 wickets @ 26.11
    BB: 3/17
    Econ: 4.61

    Tom Halsey (RHB/LS)
    81 runs @ 11.57
    34 wickets @ 19.53
    2x4w; BB: 4/33
    Econ: 4.44

    Dylan Jellett (RHB/WK)
    509 runs @ 42.42
    3x50; HS: 59
    SR: 69.63
    13 ct, 2 st

    Nathan Hoy (LHB/RF)
    137 runs @ 17.13
    34 wickets @ 18.38
    2x5w; BB: 6/30
    Econ: 4.30

    Blewy (RHB/RM)
    689 runs @ 49.81
    6x50, 1x100; HS: 129
    2 wickets @ 33.00
    BB: 1/12
    Econ: 6.00

    Loony Bob (RHB/OS)
    579 runs @ 38.60
    3x50; HS: 64*
    SR: 70.10

    BK Smith (RHB/RMF)
    952 runs @ 50.11
    7x50, 2x100; HS: 123
    SR: 89.06

    C Buts (LHB/RFM)
    688 runs @ 45.87
    7x50; HS: 82
    SR: 88.32
    7 wickets @ 26.86
    BB: 2/32
    Econ: 4.95
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    1. Cloete - scores more than Wayne Rooney in a br***el
    2. Nathan Hoy - all round skills, not bad at cricket either
    3. Neil Pickup, sheer weight of runs

    1. Nathan Hoy - tighter than....something very tight
    2. BK Smith - as Lisa Stansfield once said, nothing compares to you.
    3. Zaid Ghansar - above average.
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    1. Sudeep - the find of the season IMO. He took command with the ball and bat in crucial situations and proved a top matchwinner for Blue.
    2. Samuel Vimes - the rock for a team that struggled largely in 5D.
    3. C Buts - filled several roles in CW Black when required. Averaged over 50 for most of the season.

    1. Loony Bob - for Green he was a Bevanesque influence. His middle order batting was outstanding under pressure.
    2. Zaid Ghansar - superb allround cricket to assist Red in what was a mixed OD season.
    3. A Massive Zebra - his bursts of wickets won matches from unlikely positions.

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    International Captain Sudeep's Avatar
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    1. Nath Patrick - Highest wicket-taker for us, bowled us to many a wins.
    2. Cloete - Prolific run scoring.
    3. Myself - Runs at almost 30, wickets at 24 - more importantly, some 4-5 victories in close situations. Why not?


    1. Zaid Ghansar - Amazing all-round performance.
    2. Tom Halsey - 34 wickets at 19, with an economy of 4.44, just brilliant!
    3. BK Smith - Ditto Cloete in 5D, prolific scoring.
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    International Debutant kears_falcon_9's Avatar
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    1st: Nathan Hoy - Great allround season.
    2nd: Cloete - Lots of runs gets my vote.
    3rd: Neil Pickup - The best from the mighty BLACKS.


    1st: Zaid Ghansar - A lot or runs and chipped in with ball.
    2nd: BK Smith - Prolific run scorer.
    3rd: Nathan Hoy - Great bowling performances which won alot of matches.
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    1. Cloete 9 50's 7 100's... plus he gave me 1billion dollars shhh
    2. David Kennett 7/38 woah and then 21 avg
    3. Samuel Vimes over 1500runs plus keeping for all those inningses

    honourable mention Neil Pickup for his 0.75 batting avg. HA


    1. BK Smith - Lots of runs
    2. C Buts - Not as many but lots of runs
    3. Zaid Ghansar - Huge allround performance

    Honourable mention DJellet - 2 stumpings in a season with not many well that i remember of
    CW Black - The best team in the ComP

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    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    1. Cloete - Run scoring machine....nuff said.
    2. Vimes - Held down his end time after time in a great season.
    3. Dave Kennet - Great effort to get 82 wickets at an average of 21.

    1. Zaid Ghansar - Done everything, great season.
    2. BK Smith - Run scoring machine.
    3. Loony Bob - Held our innings together in many a game.

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    1. Nathan Hoy - Huge all round effort
    2. Cloete - massive runs
    3. Samuel Vimes - Big effort with the bat especially as wicket keeper

    1. Zaid Ghansar - Effort with both bat and ball
    2. BK Smith - Lots of runs
    3. C Buts - Lots (altho not as many) runs + a few wickets

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    1. Nathan Hoy - Great all-rounder performance, good aevrages and prolific wicket taker and run scorer
    2. Sudeep - While he outshone Hoy in the averages, he just didn't pile on the runs and wickets. Still a great performance
    3. Buts - I was very tempted to vote for myself here. But I fell buts deserves a mention, I just wish he had averaged over 40, then he could be a great test hope (as it stand he still is).

    1. Nathan Hoy - Well.. a great bowling performance backed up by a few runs again. MVP all up IMO.
    2. BK Smith - With so many bowlers taking so many wickets at such small averages, this is a brilliant performance. Lots of runs at 50.. wow!
    3. Zaid Ghansar - Top all-round performance!!
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    Whoa... what a whirlwind season! Great times fellaz, im proud of you.

    FC: 1) David Kennett - The guy is a legend. The Reds were shot down in this part of the comp but David stood above them all as THE player to watch. In the up-and-coming tours you will be there as a stand-out test bowler, Im sure of it.

    2) Cloete - Reliable. The "Run Machine" fired all season with some outstanding knocks, the best of them being an amazing 166 which blew away the opposition. Keep it up brother!

    3) Nath Patrick - I was too expensive, but some great late form was good, especially my 8-for in the final (which cruely doesnt count ). Couldnt of done it without the rest of the talented Blues bowling attack including Mr M, Adam, Halsey, Muhaffy (Niiiiiiiine foooooor) and the spectacular Sudeep. Thanks heaps for the help guys.

    OD: 1) Nathan Hoy - The boy no-one noticed! In your debut season (I believe) you didnt talk yourself up but rather got the job done quietly with outstanding results. Your 6-for was a treat to watch and a S/R of less than 26 is incredible. An interesting stat is that you got 2 5-fors and yet no 4-fors, which to me only shows that when you`re on song, there is no stopping you. You were also a composed middle-lower order batsman with some compelling, sensible knocks. Youll be unlucky to not win the FC award but Ill be damned if you dont win the OD award. Just keep on being the quiet achiever you are and I have no doubt that given the chance, youll be a future CWXI ODI star, maybe one day even up there with Lucky Eddie and Top Cat. Best of luck.

    2) Tom Halsey!! - Amazing stuff. Many people believe a Leg-spinner has no place in a one-day game, and you sure proved them wrong. The Blues bowling attack was really off in the OD comp but we stuck together and became a force to be reckoned with when we were bowling in tandem, the only bowlers to really give it a big go and succeed. We were the only team to have more than one bowler with 30+ wickets for the season, and we supported each other along the way, to great effect. Great effort, keep working hard in the off.

    3) Blewy - Mate, you always lead by example. You show the team the way and guide them through the hard times. A great leader, and this reflects in your batting. When the team needs you, you stand up and give it your best, always. Extremely glad you captain the national side... you remind me of Fleming. Doesnt always have the best tools, but you get the job done and you do it well.
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    1) Cloete - for an outstanding season with the bat despite being in the ODI team
    2) David Kennett - a welcome return to form and a magnificent season capped with a good international debut
    3) Sudeep - all-rounder find of the season. I see Flintoff-potential here.


    1) Zaid Ghansar - played a HUGE part in getting the Reds to the OD finals. Only thing missing for him was a century, but when your average approaches 55 do you need it?
    2) Nathan Hoy - flipping outstanding bowler
    3) Dylan Jellett - class keeping and class batting. Just a shame it came too late...

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    5 Day
    Samuel Vimes
    Nath Patrick

    1 Day
    BK Smith
    Nathan Hoy
    Zaid Ghansar
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    5 Day

    Dave - Good bowller and good guy
    Nathan Hoy- Worthy All rounder
    David Kennett- Good young fella


    Zaid - Mate of mine
    Halsey - young spin bowler with a future
    AMZ- A zebra should get the award
    WCC - Manager of Warwickshire

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    1. cloete. amazing amount of runs at a stunning average. requires amazing form throughout the season. i for the most part was competing with him with runs and average but fell away, cloetes form didnt waver all year.

    2. nathan hoy. great allround stats.

    3. myself. did well with the bat, lost a bit towards the end of the season, whilst others where on cw duty and i opted to take the opening spot for the team.

    1.ghansar. superp season
    2. bk smith. run scoring machine, very pleased he was in my team, we had some good partnerships to throughout the summer
    3. myself. good stats with the bat, and chipped in with the ball well at times, pleased with my econ rate, as i was usually given the ball towards the end. also got my cw spot back for the zim tour.
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    hey liam are the final stats not included in this?

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