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Thread: *Breaking News* Malone announces retirement

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    *Breaking News* Malone announces retirement

    CW cricket stalwart, Rob Malone has announced that he will retire from professional cricket at the end of Season XII. Speaking at an impromptu press conference after a net session at the PDV Dome public facilities, Malone made the announcement with a smile on his face, but tears in his eyes.

    "My present form and fitness suggests I could play on but all good things must come to an end," he said. The batsman was clearly emotional, but insisted that he had thought the decision through thoroughly, discussing it with his wife and family. “There is that element of sadness,” Malone said, “But the overwhelming emotion for me is there is a lot more to do in life and I am looking forward to it.”

    Malone has served CW cricket at every playing level, coming up through the system as a youth prospect and developing into one of the leading batsmen in CWLand. With a decade of service at first-class level, and more than 7000 runs in either form of the game, Malone is truly one of Cricket Web's finest. The high point of his career was arguably his score of 253 not out for New South Wales, the highest FC score by a CW batsman until Blackman's 301 not out at the tailend of Season XI.

    For the Cricket Web XI Malone played 3 Tests and 50 one-day internationals as an allrounder with moderate success. But a persistent knee injury caused him to remodel his action and Malone lost effectiveness with the ball and was reduced to a batting role. With the dramatic turn came the end of his international career, culminating with his retirement soon after being dropped. It was a reflection of Malone's assessment of his abilities, as he stated then that he did not feel he could offer enough to the CW XI to justify his selection.

    Having just signed a 5-year deal with CW Green, it is unclear as to what Malone intends to do with respect to the multithousand dollar contract. However, he stated that he is in peak condition and in a keen state of mental preparedness to offer his best to the club in his final season.

    Malone said he was now looking forward to spending more time with his wife, Cassandra, and three children. He also expressed hopes for Rob Malone jr., his 16-year-old son, who is presently involved in Cricket Web Green youth cricket.

    Rob J. Malone

    First Class
    130 Matches
    7404 runs
    Average: 30.85
    100: 9
    50: 36
    HS: 253*
    Ct: 88

    72 wickets
    Average: 46.40
    5w: 1
    BB: 5-40
    Econ: 2.97
    SR: 93.89

    List-A One-Day
    170 Matches
    7331 runs
    Average: 48.55
    100: 17
    50: 54
    HS: 155*
    Ct: 78

    91 wickets
    Average: 37.75
    4w: 4
    BB: 4-32
    Econ: 4.84
    SR: 46.82

    3 Matches
    134 runs
    Average: 22.33
    100: 0
    50: 0
    HS: 38
    Ct: 1

    6 wickets
    Average: 38.33
    5w: 0
    BB: 3-72
    Econ: 3.29
    SR: 70

    50 Matches
    1280 runs
    Average: 28.44
    100: 0
    50: 8
    HS: 94
    Ct: 24

    34 wickets
    Average: 30.65
    4w: 2
    BB: 4-21
    Econ: 4.45
    SR: 41.32
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    A loss for Dev League. Hope he has a good last season.


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    Sad stuff. Top drawer player, brilliant List-A stats. Here's to one last hurrah in season XII

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    Damn it Malone a huge loss to Green hopefully you can become coach

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    Announcing your retirement, doesn't always necessarily mean you will...

    It is sad to see Rob go. He is the one who inroduced me to Cricketweb Cricket when I first joined the forum and I was his team-mate in my first few seasons and I think we have played some international level cricket togheter. Although he has been a somewhat controversial player his passion for Cricketweb Cricket has never been questioned. Great bloke and I hope he has a very good final season.
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    Sad to see you go Rob, you've been a great companion at green and have been the rock of the top order. A true powerhouse of one-day battting, your FC career may not have developed as well as you may perhaps have hoped but you still take many amazing memories of times when you have displayed true genius on the cricket field.
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    To answer your question, yes

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    Great career comes to an end there mate. Good stuff.

    So will the little prodigy in Malone jnr become a bowler? and straight into CW Green for Season XIII?
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    Sad day for the Dev League. Hope you can go out in style with a stellar season
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
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    Sorry to see you go. I'm sure you've got very good reasons for leaving as has been your commitment throughout your time here. Will definitely be a loss and I wish you go out with a bang.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kears_falcon_9 View Post
    Great career comes to an end there mate. Good stuff.

    So will the little prodigy in Malone jnr become a bowler? and straight into CW Green for Season XIII?
    thats the plan mate!
    Career cricket
    311 wickets @16.54 and 3021 runs @ 34.56 from 176 games over 11 years H.S 178*
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    Cricket Web Career:(end of season 11) FC: 7404 runs @ 30.85 H.S 253* : One Day: 7331 runs @ 48.55 H.S 155*
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    Quote Originally Posted by bugssy View Post
    thats the plan mate!
    Rob, your email if you will?
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    Have a bumper season mate!
    Maria - Due December

    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    "So this is what it feels like to be on top of a batsmen".
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    Great career comes to an end, i just hope you have a fantastic season to things off.

    All the best!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    Rob, your email if you will?

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    hey liam can we get the best 22 players for a testimonial at the end of the season to raise money ........

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