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Thread: A Rose Blooms Down South

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    A Rose Blooms Down South

    Hey sup?Whoah!!A little late but who cares?Been busy so expect updates soon.Stay tuned.
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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet
    better late than never...

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    My Arrival

    On arrival in ATL, I was greeted by G Goche.Cool guy.We went down to the stadium to catch the guys just before the start of training.I jumped in and was introduced to the fellows.

    Atlanta Squad:
    Ravindra Singh (LHB) - opener; 18-year-old prosect with decent technique
    D Ravindra (LHB) - opener; attacking player
    MP Bacchus (RHB/RF) - allrounder; lively pace and powerful striker of the ball
    NA Darving (RHB) - typically most consistent middle order player on team
    TI Moore (RHB/RFM) - decent seamer; upright seam and pretty accurate
    NI Child (LHB/WK) - exceptional gloveman; mediocre batsman
    G Goche (RHB) - top opening batsman; has all the strokes
    MS Sanga (RHB) - great technique in the top order; not a natural opener though
    S Jayasu (RHB/SLA) - useful batsman and accurate left-arm spinner, but doesn't turn it much
    R Shahim (LHB) - attacking middle order batsman
    S Peru (RHB/RM) - medium paced swing bowler
    DAdJ Mukesh (RHB/WK) - decent gloveman; moderate batsman
    R Gibbons (RHB/LFM) - sharp pacer; depends on angle more than movement
    MW Wilson - CW Player
    BC Cunningham - CW Player
    DP Tucker - CW Player
    AAA Collins - CW Player
    DJ Dent (RHB/RM) - solid allround cricketer

    First session with them was pretty good.Facilities are a lot better than in Trinidad but the atmosphere's not.The guys are pretty skillful and I will certainly enjoy playing with them.

    Next Episode:The First Game

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