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Thread: Final - England v New Zealand

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    Cricket Web Owner James's Avatar
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    Final - England v New Zealand

    England v New Zealand
    14th July
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    Everything on this Lords' wicket for mine. If it's a road England will be close to unbeatable. If there's something in it for the seamers, NZ are right in it.

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    Norwood's on Fire GIMH's Avatar
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    We’ve got this.

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend flibbertyjibber's Avatar
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    Think we will win but I can honestly say if we were to lose a final the one side I wouldn't mind losing to is NZ.

    At least a new name is on the cup whatever happens on Sunday.
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    International Debutant ImpatientLime's Avatar
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    i am going to be uncontrollably emotional come sunday morn

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    Cricket Spectator White Ball's Avatar
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    Jul 2019
    Would like to see NZ win this! If we are going to get knocked out I want it to be to the champion. It won’t be easy England at home are good opposition but I think NZ have every chance at Lords if it’s doing something

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    School Boy/Girl Captain
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    Feb 2014
    50\50 could go either way.
    I think the NZ team will be happy if the media focuses on eng.
    Be interesting to see if the pressure of a home final gets to them. They don't have a great record at Lord's do they?

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    123/5 Flem274*'s Avatar
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    nz by 90
    when the truth walks away, everybody stays because the truth about the world is that crime does pay #freeshri
    proudly supporting central districts
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    International Captain Adders's Avatar
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    So stocked this is the final. Like Fliberty the one side I won't mind losing to is NZ.

    That said they can gagf on Sunday.
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    I don't want to follow Gnske for obvious reasons. Setting me up for failure.

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    best to learn that feeling early and get used to it

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    International Captain
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    Jun 2014
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    Roy's the key imo. Interesting to see the plans they have for him.
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    Y no Afghanistan flag NUFAN's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Very interested to see when Santner bowls. I think you have to give Bounry the new rock.

    I know CdG is having minimal impact this tournament, but I think a 25 ball knock from him could have a huge impact.

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    123/5 Flem274*'s Avatar
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    cricket is weird. in 2015 nz were almost a force of nature, dispatching india 4-0 before the tourney then everyone else during it. i thought only lolstralia and sa could beat us, and that they'd have to play well to do it.

    going into this we were a ****ing mess. couldn't even hold our catches which even **** nz teams do. got trounced by the indians going into it. i knew we could beat a lot of teams here but that we'd sneak into the semis at best.

    and now we're going to crush england on sunday.
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    International 12th Man Jezroy's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    I really don’t know what to think?

    England should be favourites, especially if it’s a really good batting pitch.

    But I think if the pitch is anything like the Old Trafford pitch and we bat first, I think the same thing could happen as happened with India.

    I guess it’ll just be whichever side plays the best - I don’t think someone could play badly in this game and win.

    For New Zealand, the most important thing seems to be their bowling. It’ll be interesting to see what difference Ferguson makes to the bowling attack. And Kane needs to bowl if needed please. Feel like our “5th bowler” will really be targeted because in theory our main 4 are so strong.

    Batting wise, can Guptill do this? Bookend the World Cup with 2 good innings. Let’s be fair, if he makes a match winning hundred all will be forgiven big time. Since we are pretty conservative selection wise, Nicholls will opens again you’d think. Latham stays at 5 in case there is a few wickets down quickly. Nice that Taylor found a bit of form. Just be good to lay a platform where Neesham and CDG get to launch in the last 10.

    I also love the fact that Root and Williamson basically have the same amount of runs, and if either of them makes 100+, that means they’ll be the top scorer for the World Cup.

    So in summary, good batting pitch and England - England win

    Difficult batting pitch - NZ edge a tight game
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    123/5 Flem274*'s Avatar
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    Furiously masturbating
    when we win i wonder if cricinfo will update the first paragraph in ross's bio for the first time in 11 years.

    "Ross Taylor could be just what New Zealand need in the wake of the mass of departures from their batting line-up: an aggressive top-order batsman capable of taking up the challenge to world-class attacks."

    i propose the following:

    "ross the boss"

    they've been more careful with the wording of kanes but i think it's been at least 3 years.
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    International Debutant The Hutt Rec's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    Can’t help but think the final experience from 2015 stands NZ in pretty good stead. Finals of all sports are usually pretty different affairs due to the pressure and expectation. I know sides have done it before in a final, but I wouldn’t expect England to go out and blaze 350 even if it’s a flat deck ... just like we didn’t in 2015.

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