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Thread: *Official* Cricket World Cup in Australia, CWLand and New Zealand

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    *Official* Cricket World Cup in Australia, CWLand and New Zealand

    The tournament is but a few days away, with the world waiting in tense anticipation. CW XI face some tough squad selections after excellent performances both by the A squad and the senior squad in recent ODIs.

    The groups are as follows:

    Group A (in Eastern Australia)
    Australia (1)
    England (8)
    West Indies (9)
    Bermuda (16)

    Group B (in CWLand and Western Australia)
    CW XI (2)
    Sri Lanka (7)
    Zimbabwe (10)
    Canada (15)

    Group C (in New Zealand)
    South Africa (3)
    New Zealand (6)
    Bangladesh (11)
    Ireland (14)

    Group D (in Eastern Australia)
    India (4)
    Pakistan (5)
    Kenya (12)
    Scotland (13)

    The top two teams qualify for the Super Eight stage, which will be played as a round robin with the result between the qualifying teams from the preliminary stages carried forward. The top four teams in the Super Eight then make it through to the knock-out semifinals.

    Full schedule and simming details are attached. The CWBCC will announce a provisional training squad of 25 shortly.

    Practice Match Schedule

    June 15
    Australia vs Cricket Web Blue
    England vs Ireland
    West Indies vs Cricket Web Colts
    Pakistan vs Bermuda
    Cricket Web XI vs Cricket Web Red
    Sri Lanka vs Kenya
    Scotland vs Cricket Web Green
    India vs Zimbabwe
    South Africa vs Cricket Web Black
    New Zealand vs Canada
    Bangladesh vs Rest of Cricket Web

    June 16
    Australia vs Rest of Cricket Web
    England vs Kenya
    West Indies vs Ireland
    Pakistan vs Cricket Web Red
    Cricket Web XI vs New Zealand
    Sri Lanka vs Cricket Web Green
    Scotland vs Zimbabwe
    India vs Cricket Web Black
    South Africa vs Canada
    Bangladesh vs Cricket Web Colts
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I think it is safe to say thats we have one of the better groups, Australia, England and the West Indies will be most interesting

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    Nice group for CW to be in there, should get through easily.
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    That's some world class scheduling.
    Or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamee999
    That's some world class scheduling.
    Yes, thanks to Mr Jamee Graycescu.

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    Brilliant. Can't wait
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    Sweeto, WC fever!
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    Should be an easy group. Stranger things have happened of course. GO CW
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    Time for REVENGE!!!

    We have unfinished business in this tournament, lets go out there and leave nothing behind...

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    Good luck CW. Hope we play well as a nation. Good luck to the younger guys that will be playing.
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    WC fever all da way.. Proudly supporting CW!!
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    We're in a great group. Should be pushing for full points.
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    Awesome, poised to strike.
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    Go CW Lets go and win the WC this time.
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    This'll be great. Like some of the others have said, it's revenge time.
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