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Thread: *Official* CW XI in Australia Tour Thread

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    *Official* CW XI in Australia Tour Thread

    Well the series is less than two weeks away, so I think it's close enough to open a thread on it. [/CC]

    What are the predictions/expectations for this tour? What do you guys think the squad will be/should be?

    Tour Schedule:

    May 1	Squad announced
    May 3	Western Australia v CW XI		3-day tour	WACA
    May 5	Australia v CW XI			1st Test	WACA
    May 8	CA Chairman's XI v CW XI		3-day tour	Adelaide
    May 10	Australia v CW XI			2nd Test	Adelaide
    May 12	Australia v CW XI			3rd Test	MCG
    May 14	Tasmania v CW XI			1-day tour	Hobart
    May 15	Australia v CW XI			1st ODI		Hobart
    May 17	Victoria v CW XI			1-day tour	Ballarat
    May 18	Australia v CW XI			2nd ODI		Telstra Dome
    May 19	Australia v CW XI			3rd ODI		Telstra Dome
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    I think it'll be a very tough tour for the XI, but I think we'll put up a good fight. I expect Cloete to get amongst the runs and the duo of Kennett and Hoy (if both play) to trouble the Australian batsmen. Beyond that, I can see Moerk playing a Rudolph-esque innings to guide us to a draw

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    I think we may see Champs or Robbins return to starting XI at the expense of Colts Captain Kyle Wright. Blackman to make his first Test tour as the reserve batsmen.
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    Wow this going to be massive, who ever thought i might get a chance to play Australia. Hopefully i can make the squad and final XI, and help contribute to some competitive results. Its going to be tough for us to get a win, but if we can it could as big as te series win over Sri Lanka, maybe even bigger.
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    CW XI in Australia....


    *WACA to sack pitch curator Cam Sutherland after producing (yet another) sub-standard slow pitch.
    *Alex Feeney to make the ODI squad.
    *Kyle Wright's Test career over.
    *Goff to excel against the Australian attack
    *Hoy to lose $12,464 at the Gloucester Park trots after a bad tip off saw him back number 8 - Debt Propelled in the 5th.

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    Jaso for keeper!

    Looks good, hope the top guns can give a good account of themselves against the Aussies and prove we mean business.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AUST_HiTMaN
    CW XI in Australia....

    *Alex Feeney to make the ODI squad.

    I reakon Dauth is more likley
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    i the the test side will struggle again, the CWxi had a tough time in Aus last time and i cant see it changing yet...

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    I cant see big changes to the side happening, although everyone that has posted has said atleast 1 or two changes will occur already. I think we will put in a good fight just have to see waht the results are like. The squad will be a huge thnig though, so muhc competition know.
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    Very confident of a good showing in this tour... We have started to really improve in Test cricket and i think we can really give the Aussies a shake..

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    good luck to all involved im going to put a lazy 10 bucks on CW to win the odi series
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    the most important thing for me, is that we continue the improving form that we have displayed in the past. and also develop that killer instinct, which we missed in the carribean
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    This will be interesting, what with pressure on the current players by Greg Thomas and Rob Dauth. Should be a great series.
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    i dont think that the ODI side needs any huge changes especially just before the world cup but im not a selector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    Speaking of tests...

    Noteworthy statistics.

    I would admittadly be incredibly disappointed if Thomas or Hancock weren't in the mix, after both of them have had two incredible seasons where they have often won games that even I admit the Colts really shouldn't have won, given the positions we were in. Which one to go for would probably depend on whether you want to sacrifice a bit of batting for a bit of bowling.

    Kyle has also had a great season, though, so it will be interesting to see which of the Colts bowlers will be in the test side (I'm guessing that at least one will). Maybe all three. Can't see Pickup, Kennett or Hoy going out of the attack, though. Camps will stay in the side for his batting alone, I would imagine, and obviously can be a 5th bowler because of that. I think Butler said it right when he pointed out the need for a killer instinct, and that's something that we've always had going for us at Colts when it comes to bowling. Taking wickets is Thomas' specialty - no first-team-regular in the Dev League was close to him in that regard (the closest being Hancock, then Kennett). Have to say I think most of the batsmen are safe for now, however there is definitely pressure on a couple of them.

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    That would probably be the side I'd like to see being played (not sure on some batting positions). NR Hancock, MW Wilson, DP Richards, A Blackman, SG Fitzsimmons, PE Young, KS Wright are the other players I imagine would be in with a good shout for the squad, too.
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