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Thread: ** South Africa Tour of CW !!! **

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    Very pleased to get out of the series with some sense of dignity - we were on top towards the end there, but just couldn't ram it home (partly my fault - scoring rate of about 25 in my 33, as usual, took it way out of Blewy's, Cloete's and Butler's reach). However, we've gotta be pleased about some of the performances - the team is still in transition following many retirements and it's good to see that some people are consistent.

    To the Smith thing - he should have been out on 22 had I done my job

    Delighted to be highest run-scorer in the series, though. Can't say I'm entirely pleased with the way I batted - but for that 143* it was pretty bad batting, getting out early and not putting together enough - and my keeping was slightly substandard as well. Hopefully I can still improve...
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    Test Averages

    The Official Averages... rushed together in 15 minutes.

    My vote for Man of the Series is undoubtedly Jacques Kallis. Amazing performance!
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    On a team note it was great to finally put together a complete performance.. Although the result was not what we would have hoped, it was very refreshing to finally put in such a great team effort and play for the whole match...

    On a personal note, it was great to get runs, however i would give them all up for the team victory..

    I would like to thank the selection panel for their continued support, and to those who have also backed me..

    Huge congrats to Sangrah on a good return to the side, i hope you continue to work at it mate and consolidate this opportunity.. Neil as always a person i can turn to when we need a breakthrough..
    Cloete had a quite series for his standards but he played well in the last match to really push us forward..
    Great series debut for our man from Norway, keep up those efforts mate, (But please hold those catches)

    The whole squad should be proud of the way we fought in that last match, hopefully it will give us the belief we CAN do it at this level and really take it to India and fight..

    CW 4 EVA

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    I'd go for Pollock, he was more simply awesome with the ball and more than held his own with the bat.

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    Great batting Goffy
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    dissapointing result - so close to that win. on a personal note it was nice to get my first cwxi fifty. batting average of 30.25 and a bowling average of 30. id like to see the batting av higher, but its a nice start
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    Much better performance boys. Congrats to Sangrah on a fine comeback.

    Well bowled Neil!

    Buts was the standout in the first innings. Then Goffy and I put on a 157 run partnership in the 2nd. So personally it was nice to finish with 39 and 79*. While I did have quite a bad series, to come out at the end with an average of 35 isn't by any means appauling. Congrats to Goffy who ended that series on a much better note than he started it, great turn around!

    Special congrats to Hakon who did a fine job opening, while Simon didn't have the best of series I thoguht he did a great job in partnership with Hakon more often than not. Also congrats to Kears who I think in most ways took his opportunity, batting at 7 there wasn't too much more he could do. But he always chipped in which is all you want. I have to mention Halsey as well, as he took the opportunity he got. The pacers were tops though, the backbone of every performance. Considering the amount of dropped catches and the quality of kallis, they did a bang up job all 4 of them!

    Get pumped for the next series... we're getting closer and closer to winning one!

    Bring on the next tests
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    Kallis MOS for mine.

    So close! Pretty much every bowler in the whole series had a good econ. rate, it was just that the South African bowlers had far better strike-rates. Some positive signs came out of the batting as well. Well done Kears on debut!
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    Good try guys. At least we're competing. Can only improve from there.
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    International Captain ash chaulk's Avatar
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    Chaulk looks on the positive side and sees 0 in his ducks column! lol

    MoS for me - Pollock 30 avg 25 wickets...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pasag View Post
    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    Man of the Series for me: Shaun Pollock. Bowling average of 15, Batting of 31...

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    Kallis for me, I'm afraid...we never worked him out, neither with ball nor bat...

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    Wow! A lot has happened since I was away. Although we lost the series, we can take a lot of positives out of it. It was great to see the top order get some runs finally, and Pickup is back to his usual self. Personally I am happy with my effort, but I am far from a 'strike' bowler yet.
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