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Thread: **CWFA Announce Major Developments**

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    **CWFA Announce Major Developments**

    In what has turned out to be a major day for Cricketweb Football, The CWFA today announced that the Winner of the Innaugural CW Premiership would gain entry into the Oceania Football Confederation Club Championships to be held in the Cook Islands.

    If that was not enough it was also revealed that Cricketweb had been accepted by the Oceania Confederation to participate in the 2010 World Cup Qualifiers, starting with the 2007 South Pacific Games Football Tournament to be held in Vanuatu.

    The top 3 sides in the South Pacific Games will then join New Zealand in a home and away round-robin tournament on FIFA match dates in 2007 and 2008.

    The winner of this final group will also be crowned OFC Nations Cup champions, and will also be included in the final round of Asian World Cup qualification.

    "This is a massive boost for the nation in such a short space of time. For our players to have the opportunity to participate in these tournaments will be a huge boost not only to their confidence but it will raise the skill level of the whole nation" CWFA Chairman Brendon Goff Snr told reporters today.

    Full dates are yet to be confirmed by the OFC..

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    That's pretty rad for the CW footballing fans and players alike.

    Top notch news.
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    sweet as should be somethink all clubs would like to aim for
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    Massive news there, should be good to see where we in comparsion to the rest of the region.
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    Great News I congratulate our Chairman Sir B.Goff on his work to actively get CW ahead of the rest.

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    Awesome. Considering Oceania's strength it musn't have been that hard but good to see anyway.
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    Defintely good to see, International recognition.
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    W00t for proper internationals!
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    Sounds great
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    In other words, EC Furys will be playing in the tournament

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    Not if the Swell have something to say about it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy #4 View Post
    Not if the Swell have something to say about it!
    Haha yea ok

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