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Thread: **Official Discussion Thread for New Zealand Friendly**

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    Very happy to be selected, though also dissapointed to be missing out on playing for the Swell at a crucial stage in the season. Congrats to Camps for being the new VC as well.
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    Well done to everyone selected, hoping us United boys can do our club proud.
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    Very, very disapointed to have been left out of the squad. I guess it's understandable given that I let in 10 goals the other round, but I thought I handled myself well enough in the first international to get another chance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy #4 View Post
    You North people are really happy for each other, aren't you?
    Quote Originally Posted by chaminda_00 View Post
    Its called team spirt...
    Quote Originally Posted by alternative View Post
    Damn straight.
    You see, Shan, not -every- team sport revolves around one player, like you truly seem to think it does. A happy, supportive, team orientated team is a good team. No place for bigheads and loudmouths at the Power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis_Teh View Post
    You see, Shan, not -every- team sport revolves around one player, like you truly seem to think it does. A happy, supportive, team orientated team is a good team. No place for bigheads and loudmouths at the Power.
    Damn Straight.

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    Congrats to all selected, especially the Dynamo boys, do us proud lads.

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    All the best to the team.
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    Wow. Thrilled and surprised to be in this team, as vice-captain no less! Hoping to make an impact, and looking forward to the team doing well. Good spirit in the camp, tbh.
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