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Thread: Attn: Everyone!!(PLEASE RE-READ 1st POST - IT HAS CHANGED)

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    Quote Originally Posted by David at 5:25PM 08/11/2006 GMT+8
    I think I'll keep mine.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blewy edited at 7:56PM 08/11/2006 GMT+8
    Attn: Everyone!!(PLEASE RE-READ 1st POST - IT HAS CHANGED)

    Upon completion of the Pre-Season Cup i will be adjusting Aggression levels Unless a change is requested by you it will be left the same...

    If you want to leave it the same dont worry about posting...
    Hmmm? Not sure what went on, wait, did he change the post? What could it be?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blewy at 7:54PM 08/11/2006 GMT+8
    Yeah.. ill re-jig the 1st post...
    Last edited by David; 14-11-2006 at 09:01 AM.
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    Ok guys, Im back...

    I've updated all the Aggression levels for everyone here now.. I've decided to allow people to change their aggression levels during the season so ill post a thread in the Premiership forum for people to change them as they like...

    Any changes after this post will have to be made in that thread(once its created)...

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