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Thread: CW Premiership Season 2 Results and Discussion

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    still scratching around in the same old hole

    Round 20- Champion Decided

    Round 20
    Central United - East Coast Fury
    Nixontown Nomads - Southern Dynamo
    Northside Power - Island Swell

    Table after Round 19

    Pl   Team                      P    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
    1    Island_Swell             19   12   6   1    36   22   14    42
    2    Northside_Power          19   11   7   1    42   16   26    40
    3    Central_United           19    7   5   7    36   35    1    26
    4    Southern_Dynamo          19    4   7   8    18   21   -3    19
    5    East_Coast_Fury          19    3   5  11    10   22  -12    14
    6    Nixontown_Nomads         19    2   6  11    11   37  -26    12
    The frontpage of the Nixontown Sunday Express had a huge photo of Tharmi Loganathan and Hakon Mork shaking hands in front of the CW Premiership trophy.

    Both we relaxed and fine fine form, but there was a certain underlying tension as the captains of Power and Swell met the press.

    After a full season, the CW Premiership Champion will be decided by the last game when Island Swell visit Northside Power. Power had been in control of the league for most of the season. However, a freak loss to Nixontown Nomads saw the team hit a speed bump. Loganathan assured all reporters that the drama was now over and that the team would return to their early season form. As the Power faltered, the Swell smelled blood and capialised. From looking out of the title race at one stage they now find themselves heading the table going into Round 20.

    In the other games, United look to finish strong and with Dan Smith as the leading scorer in the league, Fury look to avoid the embarassment of finishing bottom and Nomads and Dynamo continue to fight for pride.

    Power Swell game will also be included here. 1st half is below.
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    still scratching around in the same old hole
                          Northside Power  |  Island Swell
                                3-4-1-2 P  |  5-3-2 L
                                  Unknown  |  Unknown
                          Blake_Donald GK  |  GK Paul_Jones
                         Travis_Demeza DF  |  DF A_Solomatin
                           Xavier_Rose DF  |  DF Neil_Pickup
                               U_Mbome DF  |  DF Juha_Reina
                         M_Reddlapalli MF  |  DF Manan_Shah
                           Ray_Parlour MF  |  DF Owain_Bale
                         Bjorn_Berland MF  |  MF Håkon_Mørk
                           Soren_Ernst MF  |  MF George_Pardoe
                         Thamba_Mamesh FW  |  MF Celestino
                          David_Comley FW  |  FW M_Hutchinson
                         James_Griffen AM  |  FW Kev_Gough
                             P_Sneeder SUB |  SUB S_Taranga
                            Luis_Silva SUB |  SUB Collins_Mbasa
                              Ezequiel SUB |  SUB Denis_Stenild
                              M_Najeeb SUB |  SUB Oseas
                         Andre_Seigert SUB |  SUB Flavio
    Min. 1  :(nor) M_Reddlapalli with a measured pass to David_Comley 
              ...  David_Comley with a blistering shot ! 
              ...  OOOOOOHHHHHHHH 
              ...  It grazes the post and goes wide 
    Min. 5  :(isl) Celestino crosses in from the wing, he finds M_Hutchinson in the box 
              ...  M_Hutchinson bears down on goal! 
              ...  But he somehow misses 
              ...  That was a woeful effort 
    Min. 7  :(isl) Kev_Gough looks in some pain 
              ...  He'll try and run it off though 
    Min. 8  :(isl) Juha_Reina gets to the by line 
              ...  He looks up and lobs in a cross 
              ...  M_Hutchinson is unmarked 
              ...  Xavier_Rose gathers up the loose ball 
    Min. 9  :(isl) M_Hutchinson controls it with ease 
              ...  Bjorn_Berland with a bad challenge 
              ...  There's no place in the game for that kind of challenge 
    Min. 11 :(nor) The ball rolls free! 
              ...  James_Griffen takes control of it on the half way line 
              ...  He sprints past the defenders!! 
              ...  The ball hits Owain_Bale in the face! 
              ...  And goes clear! 
    Min. 14 :(nor) Xavier_Rose with a flicked pass to Soren_Ernst 
              ...  Brilliantly taken away by Juha_Reina !! 
              ...  Any youngsters out there should be taking notes 
    Min. 15 :(isl) M_Hutchinson turns on a sixpence 
              ...  U_Mbome with the high feet 
    Min. 16 :(nor) U_Mbome cut's in on the inside of the defender 
              ...  He gets past him! 
              ...  He sees a team mate making a run 
              ...  He plays the ball through to Thamba_Mamesh 
              ...  Owain_Bale plays it back 
              ...  Paul_Jones slips!! 
              ...  It goes just wide 
              ...  CORNER! 
              ...  M_Reddlapalli lofts the ball in! 
              ...  The danger is dealt with by A_Solomatin 
    Min. 19 :(nor) Soren_Ernst drives it across the face of the goal Thamba_Mamesh 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh with a terrific drive ! 
              ...  Paul_Jones gets up well to catch that one 
    Min. 21 :(nor) Ray_Parlour with a glorious long pass to Thamba_Mamesh 
              ...  Neil_Pickup with a deliberate foul 
              ...  The Referee will want to speak to him 
              ...  He received a good talking to from The Referee 
    Min. 23 :(isl) George_Pardoe plays a long ball to M_Hutchinson 
              ...  M_Hutchinson with the shot on net ! 
              ...  Blake_Donald with a great save 
              ...  He shows why he is the number 1 
    Min. 27 :(isl) Håkon_Mørk controls the ball immaculately 
              ...  Leaves the defenders for dead 
              ...  This looks like it could be a great chance 
              ...  Håkon_Mørk sights up the goal 
              ...  He shoots! 
              ...  It grazes the bar 
              ...  And goes over 
              ...  Oh so close there! 
    Min. 28 :(isl) Manan_Shah is first to the loose ball 
              ...  He plays the ball across to M_Hutchinson 
              ...  M_Hutchinson with a low drive through the rain! 
              ...  Blake_Donald manages to turn it behind 
    Min. 35 :(nor) The ball runs loose! 
              ...  David_Comley seizes control of it and thinks about the shot 
              ...  David_Comley drives the shot in! 
              ...  He couldn't have hit that shot much better!! 
              ...  But it thumps off the woodwork !! 
              ...  And goes safely clear! 
              ...  Paul_Jones never had a chance! 
    Min. 41 :(isl) Neil_Pickup finds M_Hutchinson on the edge of the box 
              ...  M_Hutchinson drives the shot in! 
              ...  It hits off a defender! 
              ...  But goes clear to safety! 
    Min. 42 :(nor) Thamba_Mamesh runs at the heart of the defence 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh carves a shot towards goal ! 
              ...  Paul_Jones with a superb tip around the post 
              ...  When he's on his game he's one of the best in the league 
              ...  CORNER! 
              ...  Bjorn_Berland crosses it in! 
              ...  Paul_Jones makes the catch! 
    Min. 43 :(REF) The 4th official signals that there are 2 minutes of time to be added on
    Min. 43 :(isl) Juha_Reina has the ball on the wing 
              ...  He knocks the ball past Travis_Demeza! 
              ...  He has some space now! 
              ...  Ray_Parlour tugs on his opponent’s shirt!! 
              ...  The Referee has stopped play 
              ...  Well spotted by The Referee! 
              ...  He got away with just a warning 
    Min. 45 :(nor) M_Najeeb is coming on for Soren_Ernst and playing FW 
    *************  HALF TIME  ****************
    Half Time Score: Northside Power 0-0 Island Swell
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    Long ****ing half an hour. Some people have to work tomorrow. I know we lost or drew, but I wouldn't mind seeing the result sometime before 7am Aussie time.
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    Ill do it now. I was posting the halves seperately.

    Min. 48 :(isl) Kev_Gough nutmegs the defender 
              ...  U_Mbome rushes in with a clumsy tackle!! 
              ...  That’s a foul!! 
              ...  YELLOW CARD!! He is in the book for that one 
              ...  He'll need to be careful from now on 
    Min. 49 :(isl) Manan_Shah is on the ground 
              ...  He looks in agony 
              ...  He won't be able to continue! 
    Min. 49 :(isl) Collins_Mbasa comes on for Manan_Shah and will play DF to the delight of the fans 
    Min. 54 :(isl) Juha_Reina hoists the ball across to Kev_Gough 
              ...  Bjorn_Berland intercepts the pass 
    Min. 59 :(isl) Håkon_Mørk runs at the defence 
              ...  Blake_Donald fouls badly 
              ...  That looked malicious 
              ...  He's lucky it wasn't more 
              ...  It’s just a warning 
              ...  The Referee points to the spot! 
              ...  Kev_Gough is the man who takes it 
              ...  GOAL!! 
              ...  That’s put Island Swell in front! 
              ...  Northside Power 0-1 Island Swell...
    Min. 59 :(isl) George_Pardoe flicks the ball through 
              ...  Kev_Gough runs onto it! 
              ...  Kev_Gough fires off a left-footed shot ! 
              ...  Blake_Donald gathers it easily 
    Min. 60 :(nor) Northside Power will now play A 
    Min. 60 :(nor) James_Griffen is changing his role to a FW 
    Min. 60 :(isl) It appears Håkon_Mørk is playing as a DF 
    Min. 60 :(isl) Juha_Reina sprints down the flank 
              ...  He plays the ball across to M_Hutchinson 
              ...  Intercepted by Xavier_Rose 
    Min. 60 :(nor) Travis_Demeza controls the ball with a deft piece of skill 
              ...  He plays the ball into the middle! 
              ...  David_Comley gets onto the end of the pass! 
              ...  Juha_Reina with a bad challenge 
              ...  There's no place in the game for that kind of challenge 
              ...  The Referee warns him 
              ...  INDIRECT FREE KICK! 
              ...  Travis_Demeza swings it in 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh gets on the end of it 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh sights up the goal 
              ...  He shoots! 
              ...  But it puts it well wide 
    Min. 66 :(nor) M_Reddlapalli plays a first time ball through the defence to M_Najeeb 
              ...  M_Najeeb with a graceful, looping effort ! 
              ...  Paul_Jones watches it sail wide! 
    Min. 67 :(nor) David_Comley runs with pace at the defence 
              ...  A_Solomatin cuts it out easily 
              ...  He clears the ball up field 
    Min. 70 :(isl) Island Swell altered their play to a D strategy 
    Min. 72 :(nor) M_Reddlapalli runs with the ball to the corner flag 
              ...  He plays the ball across to Thamba_Mamesh 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh cracks a laser towards goal ! 
              ...  Paul_Jones with a fantastic point blank save 
              ...  He shows why he is the number 1 
    Min. 76 :(nor) James_Griffen brings the ball under control 
              ...  He sees a team mate in space! 
              ...  He plays the ball in to him! 
              ...  M_Najeeb gets on the end of the pass 
              ...  M_Najeeb drives it towards goal ! 
              ...  GOAL !! 
              ...  His players jump on top of him 
              ...  And Northside Power have squared it up late on!! 
              ...  Northside Power 1-1 Island Swell ...
    Min. 78 :(nor) M_Reddlapalli has it now 
              ...  He takes on Juha_Reina 
              ...  He gets past him! 
              ...  He puts in Thamba_Mamesh! 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh with a thundering drive! 
              ...  But Paul_Jones is equal to it 
    Min. 78 :(nor) David_Comley takes advantage of a mistake by Juha_Reina 
              ...  Juha_Reina with a deliberate foul 
              ...  That was a deliberate act that deserves punishment 
              ...  YELLOW CARD!!, he is in the book for that one 
    Min. 83 :(isl) M_Hutchinson with the dribble 
              ...  He skips through the tackle 
              ...  A great volley from M_Hutchinson ! 
              ...  The ball moves through the air! 
              ...  Blake_Donald moves quickly! 
              ...  Can he get to this? 
              ...  It’s beaten him! 
              ...  But it thumps the post!! 
              ...  And goes out! 
    Min. 85 :(nor) Ray_Parlour looks up for support for support 
              ...  He spots his team mate making a run now 
              ...  He plays it across to his team mate and runs forward now! 
              ...  Travis_Demeza receives the pass and heads towards the goal 
              ...  M_Hutchinson with a superb tackle! 
              ...  He easily dispossessed him. 
    Min. 86 :(nor) Thamba_Mamesh cuts inside Håkon_Mørk 
              ...  He worked that well 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh attempts a chip! 
              ...  Paul_Jones is just going to watch it go over! 
              ...  It dips dramatically!! 
              ...  GOAL !! 
              ...  Paul_Jones holds his head in his hands! 
              ...  What a time to score!! 
              ...  That must be the winner 
              ...  Northside Power 2-1 Island Swell ...
    Min. 87 :(nor) Thamba_Mamesh runs at the heart of the defence 
              ...  Thamba_Mamesh with a thundering volley! 
              ...  It goes wide for a goal kick 
    Min. 88 :(REF) The board goes up indicating that there is 1 minute of time to be added on
    *************  FULL TIME  ****************
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    Thamba what a glory hog (Y)

    More tomorrow after some sleep....

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    Hm. Too defensive and it costs us. I take full responsibility.
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    Heath worryingly quick.
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    Unlucky Swell. Top season that!

    Mighty Power bringing home the goods, ohhhh yeah.
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    Easy win and I'm gun.


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    Stoked with that win, great effort from the team.
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    Not the best start to my captaincy career but not the worst either hopefully we can do better next season
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    The tactical switch to A when Swell went to D, only meant we'd be able to generate the shots and they'd get hardly any. I'm so sick of hitting the post and crossbar though.

    We left it tight but we were able to come back and win it at the end with a bit of individual brilliance at the end .

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    First of all well done to Swell for great season, really kept us on our toes for the whole season and pushed us all the way. Awsome way to finish the season, with a decider between the top two sides.

    Thanks to Goughy for simming all the matches and keeping everything update to date for most of season. Fell away a bit at the end of season, but I guess a lot had to circumstances and the lack of activity times of us captain in getting teamsheets in. I know I was quite lazy for most of the season, leaving it all to the last minute. But there was a reason for that, as last season I over anaylsed every teamsheet. Also I hate waiting for results, so the later you send in a teamsheet the less you waited. Worked out in the end.

    Lastly great season, by the Power boys. A real team effort with everyone in the side stepping at a certain time in the season. Not sure if we are going to keep going with this. So I'm going to post the team awards tonight, before all the activity goes.

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    Congratulations to Northside Power, the new Champions of CW Premiership

    I think the season was far more balanced and realistic in terms of scorelines and players and teams dominating.

    It was unfortunate that things slowed down as I went in and out of the country and started working fulltime and had less access to the files.

    However, Im happy with it overall.

    The CWFA Awards will be announced in the next day or 2.

    Leading scorer-
    CWFA Player of the Year-
    CWFA Young Player of the Year-

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    Will get the unoffical Player choices award voting system up tomorrow i reckon

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