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Thread: Cricketweb Football Pre-season Cup Discussion and Results

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    Good game that lads. Well done. Dissapointed with a yellow but seemed to make a few good attacking runs from the defense.
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    East Cost are champions!!!!! Furys to dominate the league through out the regular season. You heard it from me first.

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    Shattered. Absolutely shattered. Always horrible losing those sorts of games. But alot of positives can be taken from the pre-season into the Reg.Season. Lets keep our form up and we can be a dominant force.

    Of course, congrats to East Coast, looking forward to the rematch.
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    3rd and 4th playoff was the most interesting, imho. All kicked off their, we had everything, even a shocking own goal from myself, Sorry about that boys. Still, it was a really entertaining game, for good and bad reasons. Looking forward to the full Season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze
    Smith is a freak... Would like a goal at some stage though mate, especially as I have been setting you up with most of your penalties
    Haha mate, feel like you're going un-noticed to be honest. Been working hard and they're taking you out, I just get the easy shot on goal. Keep on working hard and you'll get the goals you deserve.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blewy

    No ALL Disciplinary Records will be cleared after the Final of the Cup...
    Haha good, means we'll be at full strength for the season opener.

    Quote Originally Posted by David
    Pleased to be scoring the goals, unfortunately we were beaten by the better team on the day. Well played Smith.
    Thanks man, you played quite well yourself. Hope to be lining up next to you for the CWXI side, to be honest. What a guy.

    Also, congrats to the Fury on their win. Worked hard and won out over the Swell in the end. Look forward to taking you guys on over the season.
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    Congrats Fury.

    Never easy to win a big game away from home and you guys did the business.

    Makes the season interesting.

    Unlucky Swell, still a very good effort and I have high hopes for the season.
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    Well done guys, super way to start things off...and Hakon got what he deserved

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    Unlucky fellas, never mind, it was only pre-season.

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    thoroughly outplayed in t final, will have to take out the frustration on the Power

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    Unlucky Boys, really spewing at my performance, i didn't do much only got mentioned twice and i played the whole game, lets just concentrate on the proper season now

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    well done fury.

    Fuller...what a disgrace.
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    awesome win for us. i was a bit worried before the pre season that we were considerably weaker than the other sides, but obviously not.

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    awesome game lads our midfield were superb also good game Swell
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