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Thread: A Thread of Thanks...

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    A Thread of Thanks...

    I know that people have probably e-mailed, or mentioned in certain threads, their appreciation of what Marc and steds are doing, but I thought a thread to highlight it would be good. Especially with regards to the different competitions that you've started, outside of the overall standings. It makes it more interesting for the casual player such as myself, and sees you rewarding quality as well as quantity of predictions.

    I hope that the response you've had since the revitalization of the Predictions League has been satisfying for you guys, especially Marc (well, he seems to be the public face of it all).

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    Yeah lots of thanks to Marc, probably one of my favourite aspects of the site. Think Bennett has done sfa though.
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    Yep agreed guys, appreciate this prediction league Marc. Cheers.
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    Thanks Marc for the work you do with the Prediction league. Interest seems to be high and a lot of that is due to you posting the matches and updating the results and statistics quickly. You're doing a great job.
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    Thanks guys - it's good to see it being so well supported - never thought we'd get 17 or 18 entries for every World Cup game, especially with it being so intense in terms of games.

    As for Steds role - he's here as back up, I didn't think it would run so smoothly as it seems to be, so needed someone to be able to take it on if I were finding it too much or were away for extended periods with work - fortunately so far, neither have happened to a great degree.
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    Yeah. It's a truly excellent job you're doing and it's much appreciated from everyone. This place keeps me away from Off Topic and Rodgiegate. Maybe Mitchell should predict more often.
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    Yep, agreed. Big thanks! Criminal that the thread only has six posts so far though...
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    Huge thanks for the work you're doing, it's been great.

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    This is definently a great part of the Cricketweb along with fantasy so i wanna thank you everybody involved espically marc.

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    <mumbles> Yeah, whatever. Cheers.

    Nah, seriously, good on yer, mate! I've only very recently broken my nerd-like 100% tipping run.
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    Blimey - that slipped under the radar.

    Means I've made a mistake in some of my recent overall standings, I can no longer look at the number of predictions you've made and use that as the total number of rounds played!

    Did confuse me as I was sure there'd been more games since the previous update, but couldn't work out why!

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