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Thread: Lineups

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    Don't post anything other than official lineups in here.

    Game Date:

    Batting Lineup:

    Bowling Order: (name between 6 and 10 bowlers)

    Special Bowling Instructions:
    (for example - Bowl X and Y at the death; bowl Z's full quota with the new ball; only use A if required etc.)
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    Don't post anything other than official lineups in here.

    Team: Australia
    Game Date: 25 or 26/2

    Batting Lineup:

    1. Ausage
    2. Jayzamann
    3. Mister Wright
    4. Spark
    5. morgieb
    6. TumTum
    7. Clapo
    8. Nnanden
    9. joels344
    10. andyc
    11. Noble One

    Bowling Order: (name between 6 and 10 bowlers)

    1. Noble One
    2. andyc
    3. Nnanden
    4. Clapo
    5. joels344
    6. Mister Wright
    7. morgieb

    Special Bowling Instructions:
    Noble One to be bowled if the RR is getting out of hand. andyc our "in for the kill" bowler. Clapo and joels are interchangable in terms of bowling order.
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    Game date: 25th/26th


    1. Mike 5181 (RHB)+
    2. StrawMan (LHB Very aggressive)
    3. Hurricane (right hand bat)
    4. NZT (right hand bat)
    5. Athlai (RHB + Medium pace)
    6. Raghav (RHB)
    7. Somerset (Allrounder Right arm fast medium)
    8. James (Right arm Fast)
    9. Voltman (right arm leg spin)
    10. Heath (right arm fast)
    11. Flem274* (leg break)

    Bowling order: Heath, James, Somerset, Me/Volty, Athlai

    Tactics: Heath and James to open and close the bowling. Somerset and Athlai to get a few overs through (2-4) before the spinners, coming on again later.
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    Team: England
    Game Date: Feb 27

    Batting Lineup:
    1. marc71178
    2. TombolaG
    3. Neil Pickup+
    4. Eds
    5. GIMH
    6. Flyonthewall
    7. BoyBrumby
    8. MW1304
    9. Kweek
    10. Marcuss
    11. Howe_zat*

    Bowling Order:
    1. MW1304
    2. Howe_zat
    3. Marcuss
    4. Kweek
    5. BoyBrumby
    6. Flyonthewall

    Special Bowling Instructions:
    Marcuss and Kweek to come on first and second change after 10 overs. Spinners to share 20 overs between them. Brumby to save his first spell for the middle overs and bowl his second at the death, in replacement of whichever opener goes for more in their opening spell, who will get their overs done before then. GIMH to be used as partnership breaker.
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    1. Himannv+
    2. weldone
    3. NUFAN
    4. Teja
    5. weeman27bob
    6. Trigger_Tiger (filler)
    7. smalishah84
    8. cricman (filler)
    9. zorax
    10. Shri (C)
    11. centurymaker

    BAtting instructions: Take the batting powerplay in the 15th over, if it is an option.

    1. Shri - bowl 5 overs at the death(after 40 overs) and 5 overs at the start
    2. centurymaker - bowl 7 overs at the start and 3 overs at the death
    3. cricman (filler) - bowl 10 overs straight
    4. zorax - bowl 10 overs straight
    5. smalishah84 - bowl 5 overs
    6. Trigger_Tiger (filler) - bowl 5 overs. Then bowl the fast bowlers from the 42nd over to the end.
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    Team: Ireland
    Game Date: 25/2

    Batting Lineup:
    1. PEWS
    2. Salman85
    3. Vimes +
    4. cpr
    5. Uppercut
    6. Chewie
    7. turnstyle
    8. Furball
    9. Huntcore
    10. Irish_Opener
    11. filler

    Bowling Order: (name between 6 and 10 bowlers)
    1. Furball
    2. Irish_Opener
    3. turnstyle
    4. Huntcore
    5. PEWS
    6. Chewie
    7. filler (assuming they can bowl)

    Special Bowling Instructions:

    Remove Furball from attack if getting belted at the start, and to bowl no more than 4 overs with new ball
    If filler is a seamer, change from 7 to 4 in bowling order
    Irish_Opener to bowl at least 4 overs at the death
    Huntcore to bowl at conclusion of bowling powerplay to try and choke runs
    Bowl turnstyle out by 45th over (assuming he merits completing his quota)
    Try wherever possible to bowl Furball and PEWS, and Huntcore and Chewie respectively, in partnerships. If run-rate is out of control, use the latter pairing to try and slow run-rate, if run rate is under control, use the former pairing to try and prise wickets.

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    Team India
    Game on Feb 27

    Batting Lineup:
    1. vcs
    2. kingkallis
    3. blahblahblah
    4. honestbharani
    5 .G.I.Joe
    6 .biased indian
    7 .Cevno
    8 .Blaze 18
    9 .alternative
    10 .Daemon
    11 .Turbinator

    While batting first If 2 wicket fall before the first 5 overs cevno to come up the order other wise stick to the same order.

    Bowling Order:

    3.Blaze 18
    6.biased indian

    alternative is behind blaze taking into consideration he has chanaged to spin bower other wise bring him ahead of blaze

    Turbs,daemon,alternativet o ball the full 10 overs and the rest to fill the 20 overs

    Kingkallis and G.I.Joe should bowl only between overs 20 -40
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    Quote Originally Posted by biased indian View Post
    alternative is behind blaze taking into consideration he has chanaged to spin bower other wise bring him ahead of blaze
    So if he bowls spin he bowls later and if he bowls pace he opens. But how does PEWS know which he is bowling. (academic question at this point).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
    So if he bowls spin he bowls later and if he bowls pace he opens. But how does PEWS know which he is bowling. (academic question at this point).
    i was referring to this post..don't know what the result was

    Quote Originally Posted by alternative View Post
    If that is still the case, i don't mind change mine completely to Spin. Off Spin though.

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