As you may have noticed, a few people have been banned lately for breaking rules. Keep in mind that these rules have always been around, and although we've not always been very proactive in the past about keeping things in order due to a lack of numbers in the modertaion team, this community is growing and we need to make sure the rules are upheld by everyone, at all times. For this reason, we're cracking down and will do our best to warn all rule-breaking posts as we see fit. Note: NO forum is exempt from the rules.

Very little about the rules has changed. For those of you that have followed the rules well enough over the years, you have nothing to worry about. However, we do suggest you re-read the Rules to catch the small changes that have been made.

After listening to feedback from posters, we have decided to change the way that the content filter works. A lot of words that used to be filtered are now going to be removed from the filter. These words are to be used only in mature and responsible fashions, much like anything else posted at Cricket Web. If you post anything that is inappropriate, be it filtered out or not, you will be warned for it. Basically, use your brain when you post. Be mature, be responsible, and you'll be fine.

Furthermore, if you are warned, just take it on the chin. It's better that you live and learn than try to act tough and just end up getting banned. If you just accept your warning and move on, you'll have a much better chance of being around in the long run.

The crack down is in no-way a witch hunt against specific users and we by no means aim to be a dictatorship (far from it) but repeat offenders will be dealt with appropriately and will be given sufficient warnings to comply in the hope of getting an appropriate atmosphere to the forums that is suitable to visitors of all ages.

If you have any problems with any warnings, you should bring them up privately (via MSN, email, etc) with a member of the moderating team. These members are: Blewy, broncoman, James, Loony BoB, Mister Wright, Mr Mxyzptlk, Neil Pickup, PY, Rich2001, Top_Cat and vic_orthdox and can be reached as a group at

Remember, abuse towards moderators, as with other members, is entirely unacceptable. If you do not raise your complaints maturely via the correct channels, you may be warned.

On two different notes, we're in the process of restructuring the forums. If you have any feedback regarding these changes, feel free to post it into the Site Discussion forum.

I'd also like to extend a warm welcome to Brendon Goff (forum member Blewy) who has joined the moderation team.