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Thread: Official Season Launch

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    Official Season Launch

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press;

    A short time ago, the CWCA was formed with a mandate to assemble the young cricketers of Cricket Web into organised competition - with a view to eventually having a CricketWeb side in international competition.

    We sought to develop a domestic competition, so that these young players may have the oppurtunity to compete, and demonstrate their abilities to compete at a higher

    With about 40 players keen to take part in the competition, we formed 3 centralised, CricketWeb teams. These teams will be the breeding ground for all future CricketWeb players, with the important task to enhance their development and prepare them for international competition.

    The season one captains of the teams will be JD Hurricane, Jake Howe and Spas Delev. The remainder of each squad will be selected by these captains via the CWCA Player Draft, in season one running from Sept 7-9. Team names are to be selected by captains prior to draft commencement.

    In order to have these young sides play in a diverse, competitive competition - offering a vast array of challenges and experiences to aid their development - we decided to arrange an additional 3 invitational sides; and formed a 6 team First-Class League, a 6 Team One-Day League, and a 6 team T20 cup; for our inaugural season.

    It is our hope and intent that in the near future these competitions will be filled be CW teams only.

    We decided to form these three invitational XI's based on three concepts - the best of the past, the best of the future, and the best guys still in the game. Whilst obviously we weren't able to attract the very biggest names - we are only an emerging league, and our means are limited - our officials have worked incredibly hard to assemble a group of players whom we believe will be great competition for our youngsters, and aid them immeasurably in their development and preparation for international cricket; whilst also increasing our profile and exposure internationally, to aid our bid to see international cricket played in Cricket Web.

    The teams are known as Legends XI, Futures XI, and Wanderers XI; their composition is as follows -

    G Flower
    M Slater
    S Fleming (c)
    M Waugh
    M Goodwin
    C Hooper
    A Hollioake
    R Jacobs (wk)
    A Kumble
    H Streak
    G McGrath

    U Chand (c)
    K Braithwaite
    W Bosisto
    B Azam
    C Bancroft
    Q de Kock (wk)
    C Bowes
    R Vishwakarma
    L Madushanka
    R Topley
    H Singh

    B Taylor
    H Gibbs
    B Hodge
    M Samuels
    S Ervine
    A Flintoff (c)
    T Taibu (wk)
    N ul-Hasan
    GB Hogg
    D Nannes
    C Langeveldt

    The CWCA will now release all further information regarding schedule, fixtures, drafting, etc. to the public.

    I will field any questions, after which today's conference will conclude, thank you.
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    Melicous? Is that a nasty, yet tasty, comment?

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    Whose performing at the opening ceremony?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cevno View Post

    Whose performing at the opening ceremony?
    This bloke.

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