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Thread: Silly Point - the CWC Bulletin - Submissions Welcome

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    The Debate Settled: Atul Sharma vs Morne Morkel

    After a lengthy investigation and interviews with some of CW's favourite residents (and Jono), it can be revealed that neither Atul Sharma nor Morne Morkel are actually that good.

    Sharma, who it is claimed has bowled at 172km/h - about 6 times the size of his vocabulary - has been well and truly debunked as a fast bowling prodigy. Even his own coach, Ian Pont, suggested he had been overhyped:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ponty View Post
    I don't wish to enter into a discussion here but there is so much stupid hype about Atul
    Quote Originally Posted by Ponty View Post
    Everyone needs to be sensible about this guy.
    Quote Originally Posted by honestbharani View Post
    Morkel, similarly, has been the butt of jokes and criticism on numerous occasions for his inaccuracy, inconsistency and general inability.

    Quote Originally Posted by popepouri View Post
    After giving up on his pace bowling, he turns to leg spin to resurrect his career. He still bowls many no balls not because he oversteps but because his action is controversial.
    Quote Originally Posted by jboss View Post
    Morkell [sic] is a pansy
    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    I don't rate him at all at the moment and I'm not convinced he should even be in the team as it stands.
    Finally, the spearhead of Fizzing at the Bung CC, Heath Davis, has been subjected to critical acclaim for his obvious fast bowling prowess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    Heath worryingly quick.
    DB Wayne, who has wicketkept to all three bowlers, had this to say:
    "Wicketkeeping to Heath has been fine - he's extremely quick, probably on par with Sharma and Morkel, however he has the accuracy neither of the others have. In those trial Twenty20 matches, it was a struggle not to concede 4 byes every second ball; Sharma couldn't get it on the cut strip, and we've all seen that video of Morkel. I'm convinced he was on something and hallucinated that the stumps were walking around towards square leg. Even I couldn't bowl that wide if I tried, and I'm a wicketkeeper!"

    Morkel and Sharma were unreachable when requested for interview; team officials stated they were recovering from 'minor training injuries', despite news of their arrest already becoming public.
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    Brilliant smear campaign rvd.

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    Nah kents, I'm the fastest.

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    still better than the forumers wc i guess.

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