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Thread: Registered Players

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    CWCA - Registered Players

    List of players registered to date -


    A Fagina
    A Monk
    A Sharma
    A Turb
    BFP Kirk
    B Smythe-Smith
    C Ardley
    C Lewis
    CP Raftery
    D Garson
    D Jellett
    DB Wayne
    E Ames
    E Morris
    G Furball
    G Shriram
    G Sriram
    GI Joe
    GIMH Martyn
    H Beaver
    H Mork
    HT Davis
    I Narang
    J Howe
    JB de Prag
    JD Hurricane
    L Himann
    L Townsend
    Masud V
    M Deen
    M Hunt
    M La Brooy
    M Morkel
    M Wisney
    O du Toit
    O Wood
    P Ingram
    P Spark
    Q Chee
    R Yamadera
    S Delev
    S Hit
    S Zadran
    SC Somerset
    T Loganathan
    Z Dunlop

    Italics = On Waiting List
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